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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987The Combined Federal CampaignDale, Harvey
30-Jul-1990Corporate Integration and Tax-Exempt OrganizationsDale, Harvey
1980Creditability of Foreign TaxesDale, Harvey
17-Nov-1988Effects of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 on the Disclosure Responsibilities and Lobbying and Political Activities of Tax-Exempt Organiza-tionsDale, Harvey
1983Foreign Corporations Which are Personal Holding Companies or Foreign Personal Holding CompaniesDale, Harvey
6-Jan-1994Impact of the Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993 on Charitable GivingDale, Harvey
1985International Financings: Repeal of the 30-Percent Tax in the Case of Portfolio Interest Received by ForeignersDale, Harvey
5-Jun-1989Lobbying and Political Activities of Tax-Exempt OrganizationsDale, Harvey
20-Jun-1989Lobbying and Political Activities of Tax-Exempt OrganizationsDale, Harvey
1-Oct-1992Maximizing Public Confidence in Charities: The Shared ChallengeDale, Harvey
1994Nonprofit Directors and Officers - Duties and Liabilities for Investment DecisionsDale, Harvey
15-Nov-1993Nonprofit Leaders Should Support Enhanced Scrutiny of the SectorDale, Harvey
1993On Estimating the Size of the Non-profit Sector in the U.S. EconomyDale, Harvey
9-Aug-2007Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFIC’s) (1987)Dale, Harvey; Kaufman, Nancy
2-Apr-1990Public Policy Limits on Tax Benefits: Bob Jones RevisitedDale, Harvey
9-Aug-2007Rationales for Tax ExemptionDale, Harvey
1988Rationales for Tax Exemption — A PalimpsestDale, Harvey
26-Apr-1991Report on Unrelated Business Income Taxation of Income from Interest Rate Swaps and Similar InstrumentsDale, Harvey
30-Jul-1992A Review of Chapter One of the Nonprofit Almanac — “The In-dependent Sector and its Place in the National EconomyDale, Harvey
22-Sep-1990Standing to Challenge Tax-Exempt StatusDale, Harvey
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