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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Sep-2011Alvar Aalto: Planning Finland, c. 1940Pelkonen, Eeva-Liisa
19-Sep-2011Architecture as an 'Administrative Function': From the New Deal to War MobilizationVallye, Anna
19-Sep-2011Architecture, urbanism and national heritage during German occupation in Belgium: The Modern Movement and the Commissariat-General pour la Reconstruction du PaysUyttenhove, Pieter
16-Sep-2011Architecture, War and Genocide: Military Goals and the Development of SS Concentration Camp ArchitectureJaskot, Paul B.
16-Sep-2011Building bridges--burning bridgesMay, Roland
23-Sep-2011City and War: Foreign Influences, the Pacific War, and the Japanese City between 1937 and 1945Hein, Carola
15-Sep-2011Compromising Modernity: Japanese Monumentality during World War IIJacquet, Benoit
15-Sep-2011False walls and double attics: fortifying Warsaw's inner cityJozefacka, Anna
19-Sep-2011Gimme shelter: Destruction and Reconstruction Landscapes from the Tecton's Air Raid Precautious Plan for Finsbury BoroughZancan, Roberto
15-Sep-2011Italy 1938: The Autarchic DebateAviles, Pep
15-Sep-2011Italy 1942: Visions of the Future DwellingCasciato, Maristella
16-Sep-2011Mobilization of Modern Design: Architects' and Artists' Pursuit of Camouflage during World War IIKnoblauch, Joy
19-Sep-2011Neville Chamberlain: An Unlikely Influence in Post-War British PlanningPotter, Edmund
23-Sep-2011System Theories: Science, War, ConstructionImperiale, Alicia
15-Sep-2011War as a Challenge to Architecture. Andrei Burov's Civic Designs at the Time of World War IIDmitrieva-Einhorn, Marina
Showing results 1 to 15 of 15