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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Collection Froehner 81 Once AgainBagnall, Roger S.; Lajtar, Adam
7-Nov-2007Collection Truck and Mechanical Broom Near Ground ZeroUnknown, Unknown
26-Nov-2007Collection Truck at the Bronx 2 GarageStarace, Alex
4-Oct-2007Collection Truck Backview, 1937-
19-Oct-2007Collection Truck Following 9/11 Clean-upUnknown, Unknown
15-Oct-2007Collection Truck Making A Dump During Emergency Response-
7-Nov-2007Collection Truck Near Ground Zero Following 9/11 Clean-UpUnknown, Unknown
17-May-2007Collective Inference for Consumer NetworksHill, Shawndra; Provost, Foster; Volinsky, Chris
17-Jan-2012Collusion and the political differentiation of newspapersAntonielli, Marco; Filistrucchi, Lapo
7-Apr-1999Collusion via Signalling in Open Ascending Auctions with Multiple Objects and ComplementaritiesBrusco, Sandro; Lopomo, Giuseppe
Jan-1989Colour as a Secondard QualityBoghossian, Paul A.; Velleman, J. David
8-Oct-2007Columbus Day Parade-
13-Oct-2008A Column Generation Algorithm for Choice-Based Network Revenue ManagementBront, Juan Jose Miranda
1992Combat ou vide: Christianisme et paganisme dans l’Egypte romaine tardiveBagnall, Roger S.
1987The Combined Federal CampaignDale, Harvey
Jul-1996Combining Quote-Driven and Order-Driven Trading Systems in Next-Generation Stock Markets: An Experimental InvestigationSchwartz, Robert A.; Weber, Bruce W.
Jul-2003CommentaryHenry, Peter
Dec-1997Commentary: The Process of Relational Contracting: Developing Trust-Based Strategic Alliances Among Small Business EnterprisesGarud, Raghu
22-Sep-2011Comments on 'Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change: A Proposed Framework for Businesses and Policymakers'Dhar, Vasant; Hsieh, Jessy; Sundararajan, Arun
23-Jul-2001Commercial Bank Underwriting of Credit-Enhanced Bonds: Are there Benefits to the Issuer?Saunders, Anthony; Stover, Roger D.
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