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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2004Nonlinear Pricing of Information GoodsSundararajan, Arun
17-Jan-2012Nonlinear Pricing with Product Customization in Mobile Service IndustryLuo, Yao
Apr-2000Nonparametric pricing of multivariate contingent claimsRosenberg, Joshua V.
1994Nonprofit Directors and Officers - Duties and Liabilities for Investment DecisionsDale, Harvey
15-Nov-1993Nonprofit Leaders Should Support Enhanced Scrutiny of the SectorDale, Harvey
20-Nov-2003A Note on Analysts' Earnings Forecast Errors DistributionCohen, Daniel A.; Lys, Thomas Z.
1-Apr-2008A Note on Optimal Allocation MechanismsSkreta, Vasiliki; Figueroa, Nicolas
1978Notes on Egyptian and Greek OstrakaBagnall, Roger S.
1990Notes on Egyptian Census Declarations, IBagnall, Roger S.
1991Notes on Egyptian Census Declarations, IIBagnall, Roger S.
1991Notes on Egyptian Census Declarations, IIIBagnall, Roger S.
1992Notes on Egyptian Census Declarations, IVBagnall, Roger S.
1993Notes on Egyptian Census Declarations, VBagnall, Roger S.
Aug-1999Notes on Implementing Sustainable DevelopmentRadner, Roy
1992Notes on Roman and Byzantine DocumentsBagnall, Roger S.
1974Notes on the History of KourionBagnall, Roger S.; Drew-Bear, Thomas
1969Notes on the Leiden Ostraca, IIBagnall, Roger S.; Sijpesteijn, P. J.
28-Jul-1997De Novo Banks and Lending to Small Businesses: An Empirical AnalysisGoldberg, Lawrence G.; White, Lawrence J.
21-Nov-2008NP1 - Kropotkin, Peter. Portrait as a Mature Man-
1-Dec-2008NP1 - Kropotkin, Peter. Portrait as a mature man.-
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