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21-Jan-2003Does the Failure of the Expectations Hypothesis Matter for Long-Term Investors?Sangvinatsos, Antonios; Wachter, Jessica
9-Jan-2012Does the Tail Wag the Dog? The Effect of Credit Default Swaps on Credit RiskSubrahmanyam, Marti G.; Tang, Dragon Yongjun; Wang, Sarah Qian
20-Aug-2012A Dollar for Your Thoughts: Feedback-Conditional Rebates on eBayCabral, Luis; Li, Lingfang (Ivy)
Jan-2007Domestic Capital Market Reform and Access to Global Finance: Making Markets WorkHenry, Peter; Lorentzen, Peter
13-May-2008Dominant Firms, Imitation, and Incentives to InnovateCabral, Luis; Polak, Ben
2006Don't Worry, Feel GuiltyVelleman, J. David
2001DotCom Mania: The Rise and Fall of Internet Stock PricesOfek, Eli; Richardson, Matthew
Nov-2001DotCom Mania: The Rise and Fall of Internet Stock PricesOfek, Eli; Richardson, Matthew
May-2003Double Auction Dynamics: Structural Effects Of Non-Binding Price ControlsGode, Dhanajay K.; Sunder, Shyam
2000Doubling: Nick Leeson's trading strategyBrown, Stephen J.; Steenbeek, Onno W.
2004The Doubtful Profitability of Foggy PricingMiravete, Eugenio J. - University of Pennsylvania
17-Feb-1998The Dow Theory: William Peter Hamilton's Track Record Re-ConsideredBrown, Stephen J.; Goetzmann, William N.; Kumar, Alok
Oct-2005Doxastic DeliberationShah, Nishi; Velleman, J. David
Jun-1931"Dreiser on Scottsboro"-
20-Nov-2012Drift in Transcation-Level Asset Price ModelsCao, Wen; Hurvich, Clifford; Soulier, Philippe
Nov-2005The Drivers and Pricing of Liquidity in Interest Rate Option MarketsDEUSKAR, PRACHI; GUPTA, ANURAG; SUBRAHMANYAM, MARTI G.
7-Aug-2009Driving Miss Dasy: A Narrative TurnEngland, Suzanne; Tosone, Carol
14-Nov-2007DSNY and NYPD Personnel at Ground ZeroUnknown, Unknown
7-Nov-2007DSNY at Ground Zero, 9/11 Clean-UpUnknown, Unknown
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