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22-Jul-2010Document Testing-
23-Jul-2010Document Testing-
23-Jul-2010Document Testing 7/23 3:20 PM-
26-Jul-2010Document Testing 7/26 @ 10:30-
23-Jul-2010Document Testting Safari 1-
23-Jul-2010document Testting Safari NY 7/23 @ 6:50-
10-Apr-2013Documentation of Immunity CodingReddy, Karthik; Schularick, Moritz; Skreta, Vasiliki
1973Documents from Kourion: A Review Article IBagnall, Roger S.
1973Documents from Kourion: A Review Article IIBagnall, Roger S.
24-Jul-2012Does Ambiguity Diversification Pay?Izhakian, Yehuda
2009Does Anyone Read the Fine Print? Testing a Law and Economics Approach toStandard Form ContractsBakos, Yannis - NYU Stern School of Business; Marotta-Wurgler, Florencia - New York University School of Law; Trossen, David R. - Boalt Law School, University of California at Berkeley
12-Dec-2011Does Arbitrage Flatten Demand Curves for Stocks?Wurgler, Jeffrey; Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina
24-Oct-2007Does Chatter Matter? The Impact of User-Generated Content on Music SalesDhar, Vasant; Chang, Elaine
May-2007Does Chatter Matter? The Impact of User-Generated Content on MusicDhar, Vasant; Chang, Elaine
Aug-2007Does Corporate Governance Matter in Competitive Industries?Giroud, Xavier; M. Mueller, Holger
Nov-1997Does Equity-Based Compensation Increase Managers' Ownership?Ofek, Eli; Yermack, David
9-May-2008Does Gender Matter? A Comparative Study of Performance of American CEOsStrelcova, Jelena
21-May-2001Does Greater Firm-specific Return Variation Mean More or Less Informed Stock Pricing?Durnev, Artyom; Morck, Randall; Yeung, Bernard; Zarowin, Paul
6-Feb-2009Does Hedging Affect Commodity Prices? The Role of Producer Default RiskAcharya, Viral; Lochstoer, Lars; Ramadorai, Tarun
Aug-2002Does Income Inequality Lead to Consumption Inequality? Evidence and TheoryKrueger, Dirk; Perri, Fabrizio
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