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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Dec-2001The Effects of Focus and Diversification on Bank Risk and Return: Evidence from Individual Bank Loan PortfoliosAcharya, Viral V.; Hasan, Iftekhar; Saunders, Anthony
21-Dec-2011The Effects of Home Computers on Educational Outcomes: Evidence from a Field Experiment with SchoolchildrenFairlie, Robert; Robinson, Jonathan
2004Effects of Industry Concentration on Quality Choices for Network ConnectivityJamison, Mark A. - University of Florida
2009The Effects of International Simple Resale on Prices in International Telecommunications MarketsPearcy, Jason - Tulane University; Savage, Scott J. - University of Colorado at Boulder
1-Jan-2003Effects of ISP Interconnection Agreements on Internet Competition: The Case of the Network Access Point as a Cooperative Agreement for Internet Traffic ExchangeBeltran, Fernando - Universidad de Los Andes
2002The Effects of Plague: Model and EvidenceBagnall, Roger S.
Dec-2004Effects of rating through cycle on rating stability, rating timeliness and default predection performanceAltman, Edward I.; Rijken, Herbert A.
Mar-2005The effects of rating through the cycle on rating stability, rating timeliness and default prediction performanceAltman, Edward I.; Rijken, Herbert A.
17-Nov-1988Effects of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 on the Disclosure Responsibilities and Lobbying and Political Activities of Tax-Exempt Organiza-tionsDale, Harvey
17-Nov-2011Efficiency and Consistency for Regularization Parameter Selection in Penalized Regression: Asymptotics and Finite-Sample CorrectionsFlynn, Cheryl J.; Hurvich, Clifford M.; Simonoff, Jeffrey S.
27-Nov-2002The 'Efficient Component Pricing Rule' (ECPR): A Generally Inefficient Solution to the Access ProblemWhite, Lawrence J.
30-Nov-2009The Efficient Markets Hypothesis: The Demise of the Demon of Chance?Brown, Stephen J,
18-Sep-2009Efficient RecapitalizationPhilippon, Thomas; Schnabl, Philipp
Mar-1997Efficient Security Design: Theory and ApplicationNagarajan, S.
Sep-1999Efficient Trading Strategies in the Presence of Market FrictionsJouini, Elyès; Kallal, Hédi
1995Egypt and the 'Barbarians'Bagnall, Roger S.
1993Egypt and the Lex MiniciaBagnall, Roger S.
1999Eirene to Epaphrys: P.Yale I 77 revisedBagnall, Roger S.
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