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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983The Essence of the NovelGottlieb, Nanette; Tsubouchi, Shoyo; Lawson, Dawn
2008Estimating a Model of Strategic Store-Network ChoiceNishida, Mitsukuni - The University of Chicago
19-Jun-2013Estimating Audience Interest Distribution based on Audience Web BehaviorZhang, Xiaohan; Kiril, Tsemekhman; Provost, Foster
17-Jan-2012Estimating Causal Installed-Base Effects: A Bias-Correction ApproachNarayanan, Sridhar; Nair, Harikesh S.
15-Apr-2005Estimating Demand Uncertainty Using Judgmental ForecastsGaur, Vishal; Kesavan, Saravanan; Raman, Ananth; Fisher, Marshall L.
1999Estimating Equity Risk PremiumsDamodaran, Aswath
6-Feb-2003Estimating fractional cointegration in the presence of polynomial trendsChen, Willa W.; Hurvich, Clifford M.
8-Oct-2002Estimating Fractional Cointegration in the Presence of Polynomial TrendsChen, Willa W.; Hurvich, Clifford M.
Feb-2002Estimating long memory in volatilityHurvich, Clifford M.; Moulines, Eric; Soulier, Philippe
Jan-2008Estimating Operational Risk for Hedge Funds: The ω-ScoreBrown, Stephen; Goetzmann, William; Liang, Bing
1999Estimating Risk ParametersDamodaran, Aswath
1999Estimating Risk ParametersDamodaran, Aswath
2008Estimating Search with LearningKoulayev, Sergei - Columbia University
2-Feb-2009Estimating the Implied Risk Neutral DensityFiglewski, Stephen
2010Estimating the Option Value of Waiting: A Dynamic Entry Game of the U.S. Local Telephone CompetitionFan, Ying - University of Michigan; Xiao, Mo - University of Arizona
2-Sep-2008Estimating the Socio-Economic Impact of Product Reviews: Mining Text and Reviewer CharacteristicsGhose, Anindya; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis G.
29-Jun-2003Estimation Error in the Assessment of Financial Risk ExposureFiglewski, Stephen
19-Dec-2002Estimation in the continuous time mover-stayer model with an application to bond ratings migrationFrydman, Halina; Kadam, Ashay
9-Jan-2003Estimation in the Mixture of Markov ChainsFrydman, Halina
28-Jan-2009Estimation of Employee Stock Option Exercise RatesCarpenter, Jennifer; Stanton, Richard; Wallace, Nancy
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