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21-Oct-2003Regime Shifts in a Dynamic Term Structure Model of U.S. Treasury Bond YieldsDai, Qiang; Singleton, Kenneth J.; Yang, Wei
2-Mar-2002Regime-Switching and the Estimation of Multifractal ProcessesCalvet, Laurent; Fisher, Adlai
2-Mar-2002Regime-Switching and the Estimation of Multifractal ProcessesCalvet, Laurent; Fisher, Adlai
2005Regional analysis of gender-related development: districts of western IndiaRustagi, Preet
2004Regulating Housing GSEs: Thoughts on Institutional Structure and AuthoritiesWhite, Lawrence J.; Frame, W. Scott
2006Regulating Secure Software Development-
9-Feb-2012Regulation and Performance of Communication and Information NetworksFaulhaber, Gerald; Madden, Gary; Petchey, Jeffrey
9-Feb-1998The Regulation of Fee Structures in Mutual Funds: A Theoretical AnalysisDas, Sanjiv Ranjan; Sundaram, Rangarajan K.
1996Regulatory Pricing Rules to Neutralize Network DominanceEconomides, Nicholas; Lopomo, Giuseppe; Woroch, Glenn
Sep-1996Regulatory Pricing Rules To Neutralize Network Dominance,Economides, Nicholas; Lopomo, Giuseppe; Woroch, Glenn
Nov-1995Rejoinder: The J-Shape of Performance Persistence Given Survivorship BiasBrown, Stephen J.; Goetzmann, William N.; Ibbotson, Roger G.; Ross, Stephen A.
Sep-1998Relational PatternsSaar-Tsechansky, Maytal
1-Jan-2003The Relational Vector-space ModelBernstein, Abraham; Clearwater, Scott; Provost, Foster
Nov-1998Relationship Investing: Large Shareholder Monitoring with Managerial CooperationChidambaran, N. K.; John, Kose
10-Jan-2002Relationship Lending and Denovo Banks: An examination of Bank Lending to Small Farm BorrowersAkhavein, Jalal; Goldberg, Lawrence G.; White, Lawrence J.
1994Relationship Lending and Lines of Credit in Small Firm FinanceBerger, Allen N.; Udell, Gregory F.
Jan-1997Relative Valuation, Differential Information, and Cross-sectional Differences in Stock Return VolatilityAllan, Eberhart; Damodaran, Aswath
Mar-1991RELEVANCE VERSUS RIGOR IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESEARCH: AN ISSUE OF QUALITYTurner, Jon A.; Bikson, Tora K.; Lyytinen, Kalle; Mathiassen, Lars; Orlikowski, Wanda
21-Sep-2009Relevance-based Retrieval on Hidden-Web Text Databases without Ranking SupportHristidis, Vagelis; Hu, Yuheng; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis G.
2006Reliable, Usable Signaling to Defeat Masquerade Attacks-
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