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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2007Endogenizing Bidders Choice in Divisible Goods AuctionsBrenner, Menachem; Galai, Dan; Sade, Orly
6-Feb-2009Endogenous Information Flows and the Clustering of AnnouncementsAcharya, Viral; DeMarzo, Peter; Kremer, Ilan
17-Jan-2012Endogenous merger waves in vertically related industriesYao, Zhiyong; Zhou, Wen
6-Oct-2009Energizing Bidder's Choice in Financial Assets Auctions - An Experimental InvestigationBrenner, Menachem; Galai, Dan; Sade, Orly
2011Engaging men and boys towards gender equality: the state of the girl child in India 2011Plan India
5-Aug-2009Enhancing an Assignment with Information Literacy OutcomesCaravello, Patti S.
4-Dec-2014Enhancing Scholarly Communication and Communities with the PressForward PluginFragazo Troyano, Joan; Rhody, Lisa; Coble, Zach; Shirazi, Roxanne; Potvin, Sarah; Pinto, Caro; Nguyen, Kim
23-Nov-1999Enhancing the Liquidity of U.S. Treasury Securities in an Era of Surpluses*Bennett, Paul; Garbade, Kenneth; Kambhu, John
27-May-2015Enhancing Transparency and Control when Drawing Data-Driven Inferences about IndividualsChen, Daizhuo; Fraiberger, Samuel P.; Moakler, Robert; Provost, Foster
16-Jan-2013The enigma of rapeAhmed, Trisha; Roy, Avijit
Apr-2016Enquiry into the status of women in NagalandNorth East Network
2010Entrepreneurial Finance and the Flat-World Hypothesis: Evidence from Crowd-Funding Entrepreneurs in the ArtsAgrawal, Ajay - Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto; Catalini, Christian - Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto; Goldfarb, Avi - Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto
2008Entrepreneurial Innovations in Network IndustriesNorback, Pehr-Johan - Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN); Persson, Lars - Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN); Tag, Joacim - Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN)
Sep-2006Entrepreneurial Shareholder Activism: Hedge Funds and Other Private InvestorsKLEIN, APRIL; ZUR, EMANUEL
2007Entry Threat and Entry Deterrence: The Timing of Broadband RolloutXiao, Mo - University of Arizona; Orazem, Peter F. - Iowa State University
29-Oct-2007EPAS objectives and foundation practice self-efficacy: A replicationHolden, Gary; Anastas, Jeane; Meenaghan, Thomas
26-Sep-2005An Equilibrium Approach to International Merger PolicyB. Cabral, Luis M.
30-Nov-2012Equilibrium Existence and Approximation for Incomplete Market Models with Substantial HeterogeneityMertens, Thomas M.; Judd, Kenneth L.
Aug-1994Equilibrium Fee Schedules in a Monopolist Call MarketEconomides, Nicholas; Heisler, Jeff
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