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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Oct-2002Bayesian Analysis and Model Revision for k’th Order Markov Chains with Unknown k.Radner, Roy
1-May-2009Bayesian Learning in Social NetworksLobel, Ilan; Dahleh, Munther; Acemoglu, Daron; Ozdaglar, Asuman
-Bāṃlādeśa Eśiyāṭika Sosāiṭi patrikāAsiatic Society of Bangladesh
2009Because I am a girl: the state of the girl child in India 2009Plan India
Oct-2003Behavior Based ManipulationZhou, Chunsheng; Mei, Jianping
Feb-2002The Behavior of the Fixed Effects Estimator in Nonlinear Models,Greene, William
9-Oct-2004Behavioral Corporate Finance: A SurveyBaker, Malcolm; Ruback, Richard S.; Wurgler, Jeffrey
12-Dec-2011Behavioral Corporate Finance: An Updated SurveyBaker, Malcolm; Wurgler, Jeffrey
19-Jan-2010A Behavioral Finance Explanation for the Success of Low Volatility PortfoliosWurgler, Jeffrey; Bradley, Brendan; Baker, Malcolm
Jul-1999Behavioralize This! International Evidence on Autocorrelation Patterns of Stock Index and Futures ReturnsAhn, Dong-Hyun; Boudoukh, Jacob; Richardson, Matthew; Whitelaw, Robert F.
23-Mar-2010Benchmarks as Limits to Arbitrage: Understanding the Low Volatility AnomalyWurgler, Jeffrey; Bradley, Brendan; Baker, Malcolm
Oct-2002The benefit and cost of winner-picking: Redistribution vs. IncentivesGautier, Axel; Heider, Florian
Nov-2004Benefits of Broad-Based Option PayInderst, Roman; Mueller, Holger M.
Nov-2004Benefits of Broad-Based Option PayInderst, Roman; Müller, Holger M.
Mar-1993The Benefits of Franchising and Vertical Disintergration in Monopolistic Competition for Locationally Differentiated ProductsEconomides, Nicholas
2006Berenike Crossroads: The Integration of InformationBagnall, Roger S.; Wendrich, W. Z.; Tomber, R.S.; Sidebotham, S.E.; Harrell, J.A.; Cappers, R.T.J.
-Bhāshā āṇi jīvana : Marāṭhī-Abhyāsa-Parishad-patrikāMarāṭhī Abhyāsa Parishad
2009Bhopal plant disaster - situation summaryPeterson, M.J.
24-Aug-2009Bias Reduction and Likelihood Based Almost-Exactly Sized Hypothesis Testing in Predestricted Likelihoodictive Regressions using the RChen, Willa W.; Deo, Rohit S.
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