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8-Jul-2000Are Emerging-Market Equities a Separate Asset Class?Saunders, Anthony; Walter, Ingo
1997Are Financial Market Corners and Short Squeezes InefficientNagarajan, S.
11-Mar-2013Are International Differences in Living Standards Really So Hard to Explain?Altman, Daniel
Oct-2002Are Investors Credulous? Some Preliminary Evidence from Art AuctionsMei, Jianping; Moses, Michael
Oct-2002Are Investors Rational? Choices Among Index FundsElton, Edwin J.; Gruber, Martin J.; Busse, Jeffrey A.
Oct-2002Are Investors Rational? Choices Among Index FundsElton, Edwin J.; Gruber, Martin J.; Busse, Jeffrey A.
2008Are Ratings Informative Signals? The Analysis of the Netflix DataMaryanchyk, Ivan - University of Arizona
2008Are Social Networking Sites a Source of Online Harassment for Teens? Evidence from Survey DataSengupta, Anirban - Analysis Group, Inc.; Chaudhuri, Anoshua - San Francisco State University
Jan-2007Are Sunk Costs A Barrier To Entry?Cabral, Luis M. B.; Ross, Thomas W.
1-Sep-1994Are Transaction Costs and Tax Effects Worth the Trouble in Valuation Theory?Dermody, Jaime Cuevas
1977Army and Police in Roman Upper EgyptBagnall, Roger S.
1993An Arsinoite Metropolitan Landowning Family of the Fourth CenturyBagnall, Roger S.
Aug-2001Art as an Investment and the Underperformance of MasterpiecesMei, Jiangping; Moses, Michael
24-Feb-2011The Art Historian as Ethnographer: Ananda Coomaraswamy's Photographic ArchivesMcCauley, Anne
19-Sep-2012As Certain as Debt and Taxes: Estimating the Tax Sensitivity of Leveragefrom Exogenous State Tax ChangesLjungqvist, Alexander; Heider, Florian
10-Nov-2008Assessing Network Applications for Economic DevelopmentAral, Sinan; Escobari, Marcela; Nishina, Randal
3-Oct-2012Assessing the Difference Between Shock Sharing and Demand Sharing in Supply ChainsKovtun, Vladimir; Giloni, Avi; Hurvich, Clifford
1-Jan-2003Assessing the Impact of Internet Telephony on the Deployment of Telecommunications InfrastructureGarcia-Murillo, Martha - Syracuse University
4-Sep-2002Assessing the Incremental Value of Option Pricing Theory Relative to an "Informationally Passive" BenchmarkFiglewski, Stephen
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