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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-May-2008Asset Pricing in a Production Economy with Chew-Dekel PreferencesClementi, Gian Luca; Campanale, Claudio; Castro, Rui
Sep-2000Asset pricing puzzles: Evidence from options marketsRosenberg, Joshua V.
17-Jul-2003Asset Pricing with Liquidity RiskAcharya, Viral V.; Pedersenz, Lasse Heje
11-Jun-2004Asset Pricing with Liquidity RiskAcharya, Viral V.; Pedersen, Lasse Heje
Nov-2004Asset Returns and the Listing Choice of FirmsBaruch, Shmuel; Saar, Gideon
12-Dec-2005Assortment Planning and Inventory Decisions Under a Locational Choice ModelGaur, Vishal; Honhon, Dorothee
Feb-2005Asymmetric Consumer Learning and Inventory CompetitionGaur, Vishal; Park, Young-Hoon
Aug-1997Asymmetric Information, Corporate Myopia and Implications for Capital Gain Tax RatesChemmanur, Thomas J; Ravid, Abraham S
2008Asymmetric Network EffectsCantillon, Estelle - Universite Libre de Bruxelles; Yin, Pai-Ling - MIT Sloan School of Management
29-Aug-2003Asymptotics for Duration-Driven Long Range Dependent ProcessesHsieh, Mengchen; Hurvich, Clifford M.; Souliery, Philippe
-Ataeva: Uttara Pradeśa Hindī Saṃsthāna kā traimāsikaUttara Pradeśa Hindī Saṃsthāna
7-Mar-2007Atapuerca Cave Attack 1Bromage, Timothy
7-Mar-2007Atapuerca Cave Attack 2Bromage, Timothy
Jun-2015Atlas of Global Expansion 2015 Edition Cities Classification Procedures ManualHurd, James
Jul-1997Attention Allocation and Managerial Decision MakingEisner, Alan B.; Shapira, Zur
25-Nov-2009Attention Allocation Over the Business CycleKacperczyk, Marcin; Van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn; Veldkamp, Laura
Feb-2014Attitudes towards women's political participation: base line surveyAware Girls; Commonwealth Foundation
Aug-2007Auctioning Sovereign Bonds: A Global Cross-Section Investigation of the Price MechanismBrenner, Menachem; Galai, Dan; Sade, Orly
Feb-2006Audit Committee Financial Expertise, Competing Corporate Governance Mechanisms, and Earnings ManagementCarcello, Joseph V.; Hollingsworth, Carl W.; Klein, April
Oct-2006Audit Committee, Board of Director Characteristics, and Earnings ManagementKlein, April
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