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20-Dec-2013Wallenius Naive BayesJunque de Fortuny, Enric; Martens, David; Provost, Foster
9-May-2014Wallflowers: Tapestry, Painting, and the Nabis in fin-de-si├Ęcle FranceKang, Cindy
1999Wanted: A Market Definition Paradigm for Monopolization CasesWhite, Lawrence J.
15-Sep-2011War as a Challenge to Architecture. Andrei Burov's Civic Designs at the Time of World War IIDmitrieva-Einhorn, Marina
Nov-2007Warranty Reserve: Contingent Liability, Strategic Signal, or Earnings Management ToolCohen, Daniel; Darrough, Masako; Huang, Rong; Zach, Tzachi
2007A Water Temple at Bir Abu Safa (Eastern Desert)Bagnall, Roger S.; Mikhail, Gabriel; Sidebotham, Steven E.; Harrell, James
Mar-2002Wavelets in Economics and Finance: Past and FutureRamsey, James B.
15-Jan-2014We're Number 1: Price Wars for Market Share LeadershipCabral, Luis
Dec-1999Wealth Creation and Destruction from Brooke Group's Tobacco Litigation StrategyDahiya, Sandeep; Yermack, David
11-Feb-2009The Wealth-Consumption RatioVan Nieuwerburgh, Stijn; Lustig, Hanno; Verdelhan, Adrien
23-Nov-2007The Wealth-Consumption Ratio: A Litmus Test for Consumption-based Asset Pricing ModelsLustig, Hanno; Nieuwerburgh, Stijn Van; Verdelhan, Adrien
28-Apr-2006Weighing the Evidence on the Relation between External Corporate Financing Activities, Accruals and Stock ReturnsCohen, Daniel A.; Lys, Thomas Z.
15-Oct-2007Welder Working on DSNY Truck-
2004The Welfare Consequences of ATM Surcharges: Evidence from a StructuralEntry ModelGowrisankaran, Gautam - Washington University in St. Louis and NBER; Krainer, John - Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
20-Dec-2011The Welfare Effects of Mobile Termination Rate Regulation in AsymmetricOligopolies: the Case of SpainHurkens, Sjaak; Lopez, Angel
2001Were the 1996-2000 Yankees the Best Baseball Team Ever?Simon, Gary A.; Simonoff, Jeffrey S.
3-Feb-2001What Affects the Implied Cost of Equity Capital?Gode, Dan; Mohanram, Partha
2000What Are the Sources of Country and Industry Diversification?Hargis, Kent; Mei, Jianping (J.P.)
22-Nov-2002What Constitutes Appropriate Disclosure for a Financial Conglomerate?White, Lawrence J.
22-Nov-2002What Constitutes Appropriate Disclosure for a Financial Conglomerate?White, Lawrence J.
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