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19-Feb-2013Machine learning for targeted display advertising: Transfer learning in actionPerlich, C; Dalessandro, B; Stitelman, O; Raeder, T; Provost, F
28-Jan-2013Activism's Impact on Diversified Investors and the MarketKatz, Barbara; Owen, Joel
20-Nov-2012Drift in Transcation-Level Asset Price ModelsCao, Wen; Hurvich, Clifford; Soulier, Philippe
5-Oct-2012Possible Sharing Arrangements in ARMA Supply ChainsKovtun, Vladimir; Giloni, Avi; Hurvich, Clifford
3-Oct-2012Assessing the Difference Between Shock Sharing and Demand Sharing in Supply ChainsKovtun, Vladimir; Giloni, Avi; Hurvich, Clifford
19-Jul-2012Limit Laws in Trasnaction-Level Asset Price ModelsAue, Alexander; Horvath, Lajos; Hurvich, Clifford; Soulier, Philippe
18-Apr-2012Minimax and the Value of InformationSadler, Evan
17-Nov-2011Efficiency and Consistency for Regularization Parameter Selection in Penalized Regression: Asymptotics and Finite-Sample CorrectionsFlynn, Cheryl J.; Hurvich, Clifford M.; Simonoff, Jeffrey S.
27-Sep-2011The Averaged Periodogram Estimator for a Power Law in CoherencySela, Rebecca J.; Hurvich, Clifford M.
11-Dec-2009Predictive Regression With Order-p Autoregressive PredictorAmihud, Yakov; Hurvich, Clifford M.; Wang, Yi
24-Aug-2009Bias Reduction and Likelihood Based Almost-Exactly Sized Hypothesis Testing in Predestricted Likelihoodictive Regressions using the RChen, Willa W.; Deo, Rohit S.
24-Aug-2009The Restricted Likelihood Ratio Test at the Boundary in Autoregressive SeriesChen, Willa W.; Deo, Rohit S.
13-Jul-2009Forecasting and Information Sharing in Supply Chains Under Quasi-ARMA DemandGiloni, Avi; Hurvich, Clifford; Seshadri, Sridhar
10-Jun-2009RE-EM Trees: A New Data Mining Approach for Longitudinal DataSela, Rebecca J.; Simonoff, Jeffrey S.
27-May-2009Limit Laws in Transaction-Level Asset Price ModelsAue, Alexander; Horvath, Lajos; Hurvich, Clifford
7-Jan-2009A Pure-Jump Transaction-Level Price Model Yielding Cointegration, Leverage, and Nonsynchronous Trading EffectsHurvich, Clifford; Wang, Yi
13-Oct-2008An Investigation of Missing Data Methods for Classification TreesDing, Yufeng; Simonoff, Jeffrey S.
13-Oct-2008Computationally Efficient Gaussian Maximum Likelihood Methods for Vector ARFIMA ModelsSela, Rebecca J.; Hurvich, Clifford M.
16-May-2007Conditions for the Propagation of Memory Parameter from Durations to Counts and Realized VolatilityDeo, Rohit; Soulier, Philippe; Hurvich, Clifford M.; Soulier, Philippe; Wang, Yi
Showing results 1 to 20 of 90
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