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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-May-2012Data Science and PredictionDhar, Vasant
7-Nov-2011Comparative Effectiveness for Oral Anti-diabetic Treatments among Newly Diagnosed Type-2 Diabetics: Machine Learning Applied to a Large-Scale Claims DatasetMaguire, Jon; Dhar, Vasant
18-Oct-2011Geo-Social Targeting for Privacy-friendly Mobile Advertising: Position PaperProvost, Foster
26-Sep-2011Pseudo-social network targeting from consumer transaction dataMartens, David; Provost, Foster
22-Sep-2011Comments on 'Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change: A Proposed Framework for Businesses and Policymakers'Dhar, Vasant; Hsieh, Jessy; Sundararajan, Arun
20-Jul-2011Digital Access, Political Networks and the Diffusion of DemocracyRhue, Lauren; Sundararajan, Arun
28-Mar-2011Online Active Inference and LearningAttenberg, Josh; Provost, Foster
15-Mar-2011Explaining Documents' ClassificationsMartens, David; Provost, Foster
1-Dec-2010Modeling Dependency in Prediction MarketsArchak, Nikolay; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis G.
11-Sep-2010Analyzing the Amazon Mechanical Turk MarketplaceIpeirotis, Panagiotis G.
10-Sep-2010Repeated Labeling Using Multiple Noisy LabelersIpeirotis, Panagiotis G.; Provost, Foster; Sheng, Victor; Wang, Jing
15-Jun-2010Dynamic Pricing of Network Goods with Boundedly Rational ConsumersRadner, Roy; Radunskaya, Ami; Sundararajan, Arun
10-Mar-2010Demographics of Mechanical TurkIpeirotis, Panagiotis G.
22-Dec-2009Toward optimal allocation of human resources for active learning with application to safe advertisingAttenberg, Josh; Provost, Foster
15-Oct-2009The Gestalt in Graphs: Prediction Using Economic NetworksDhar, Vasant; Oestreicher-Singer, Gal; Sundararajan, Arun; Umyarov, Akhmed
24-Sep-2009Prediction in Financial Markets: The Case for Small DisjunctsDhar, Vasant
21-Sep-2009Relevance-based Retrieval on Hidden-Web Text Databases without Ranking SupportHristidis, Vagelis; Hu, Yuheng; Ipeirotis, Panagiotis G.
2-Jun-2009Conditions for the Propagation of Memory Parameter from Durations to Counts and Realized VolatilityDeo, Rohit; Hurvich, Clifford M.; Soulier, Philippe; Wang, Yi
27-May-2009Leveraging aggregate ratings for improving predictive performance of recommender systemsUmyarov, Akhmed; Tuzhilin, Alexander
26-May-2009Limit Laws in Transaction-Level Asset Price ModelsAue, Alexander; Horvath, Lajos; Hurvich, Clifford
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