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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Feb-2009Informational Hold-up and Performance Persistence in Venture CapitalLjungqvist, Alexander; Hochberg, Yael; Vissing-Jorgensen, Annette
6-Feb-2009Testing Asymmetric-Information Asset Pricing ModelsLjungqvist, Alexander; Kelly, Bryan
6-Feb-2009Risk Premia in International Equity Markets RevisitedBrown, Stephen; Hiraki, Takato; Arakawa, Kiyoshi; Ohno, Saburo
3-Feb-2009Tractability and Detail-Neutrality in Incentive ContractingGabaix, Xavier; Edmans, Alex
2-Feb-2009Using Samples of Unequal Length in Generalized Method of Moments EstimationLynch, Anthony; Wachter, Jessica
2-Feb-2009Corporate Governance, Product Market Competition, and Equity PricesGiroud, Xavier; Mueller, Holger
2-Feb-2009Competition and BiasKacperczyk, Marcin; Hong, Harrison
2-Feb-2009Is a Higher Calling Enough? Incentive Compensation in the ChurchYermack, David
2-Feb-2009Deductio ad absurdum: CEOs donating their own stock to their own family foundationsYermack, David
2-Feb-2009Price Dispersion in OTC Markets: A New Measure of LiquiditySubrahmanyam, Marti; Nashikkar, Amrut; Jankowitsch, Rainer
2-Feb-2009The structure and formation of business groups: Evidence from Korean ChaebolsSubrahmanyam, Marti; Almeida, Heitor; Wolfenzon, Daniel; Park, Sang Yong
2-Feb-2009Limited arbitrage and liquidity in the market for credit riskSubrahmanyam, Marti; Nashikkar, Amrut; Mahanti, Sriketan
2-Feb-2009Group Affiliation and the Performance of Initial Public Offerings in the Indian Stock MarketSubrahmanyam, Marti; Marisetty, Vijaya
2-Feb-2009Fitting vast dimensional time-varying covariance modelsEngle, Robert; Shephard, Neil; Sheppard, Kevin
2-Feb-2009Financial Globalization and the Transmission of Credit Supply Shocks: Evidence from an Emerging MarketSchnabl, Philipp
2-Feb-2009Predictability and ‘Good Deals’ in Currency MarketsLevich, Richard; Poti, Valerio
2-Feb-2009Corporate Governance Objectives of Labor Union Shareholders: Evidence from Proxy VotingAgrawal, Ashwini
2-Feb-2009Trades of the Living Dead: Style Differences, Style Persistence and Performance of Currency Fund ManagersLevich, Richard; Pojarliev, Momtchil
2-Feb-2009Estimating the Implied Risk Neutral DensityFiglewski, Stephen
28-Jan-2009Estimation of Employee Stock Option Exercise RatesCarpenter, Jennifer; Stanton, Richard; Wallace, Nancy
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