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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Dec-2011Does Arbitrage Flatten Demand Curves for Stocks?Wurgler, Jeffrey; Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina
12-Dec-2011On the Economic Consequences of Index-Linked InvestingWurgler, Jeffrey
12-Dec-2011Shaping Liquidity: On the Causal Effects of Voluntary DisclosureBalakrishnan, Karthik; Mary, Billings; Kelly, Bryan; Alexander, Ljungqvist
12-Dec-2011What Do Private Firms Look like?Asker, John; Farre-Mensa, Joan; Ljungqvist, Alexander
12-Dec-2011Monitoring Managers: Does it Matter?Cornelli, Francesca; Kominek, Zbigniew; Ljungqvist, Alexander
12-Dec-2011Comparing the Investment Behavior of Public and Private FirmsAsker, John; Farre-Mensa, Joan; Ljungqvist, Alexander
12-Dec-2011Informational Hold-up and Performance Persistence in Venture CapitalHochberg, Yael V.; Ljungqvist, Alexander; Vissing-Jorgensen, Annette
1-Dec-2011Time-Varying Fund Manager SkillKacperczyk, Marcin; Van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn; Veldkamp, Laura
1-Dec-2011Implicit Guarantees and Risk Taking: Evidence from Money Market FundsKacperczyk, Marcin; Schnabl, Philipp
30-Nov-2011Ambiguity and OverconfidenceBrenner, Menachem; Izhakian, Yehuda; Sade, Orly
30-Nov-2011A Pyrrhic Victory? Bank Bailouts and Sovereign Credit RiskAcharya, Viral V.; Drechsler, Itamar; Schnabl, Philipp
30-Nov-2011Asset Prices and AmbiguityBrenner, Menachem; Izhakian, Yehuda
18-Nov-2011Risk Choice Under High-Water MarksDrechsler, Itamar
4-Nov-2011Dissecting the Effect of Credit Supply on TradeSchnabl, Philipp; Paravisini, Daniel; Rappoport, Veronica; Wolfenzon, Daniel
7-Oct-2011Hybrid Tail Risk and Expected Stock Returns: When Does the Tail Wag the Dog?Whitelaw, Robert F.; Bali, Turan G.; Cakici, Nusret
13-Sep-2011Takeovers and Divergence of Investor OpinionJohn, Kose; Chatterjee, Sris; Yan, An
7-Sep-2011Time-Varying Sharpe Ratios and Market TimingWhitelaw, Robert F.; Tang, Yi
7-Sep-2011An Explanation of the Forward Premium Puzzle: The Long and the Short of ItWhitelaw, Robert F.; Richardson, Matthew; Boudoukh, Jacob
7-Sep-2011Evidence on Financial Globalization and Crises: Interest Rate ParityLevich, Richard M.
8-Jun-2011Is There Skill or Alpha in Currency Investing?Levich, Richard M.; Pojarliev, Momtchil
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