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Financial Institutions

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2002The Effects of Cross-Border Bank Mergers on Bank Risk and ValueAmihud, Yakov; DeLong, Gayle L.; Saunders, Anthony
7-Dec-2001The Effects of Focus and Diversification on Bank Risk and Return: Evidence from Individual Bank Loan PortfoliosAcharya, Viral V.; Hasan, Iftekhar; Saunders, Anthony
2004Emerging Competition and Risk-Taking Incentives at Fannie Mae and Freddie MacWhite, Lawrence J.; Frame, W. Scott
21-Aug-2001Evidence of Information Spillovers in the Production of Investment Banking ServicesBenveniste, Lawrence M.; Ljungqvist, Alexander; Wilhelm, William J. Jr.; Yu, Xiaoyun
Jun-2003Explaining Credit Spread Changes: Some New Evidence from Option-Adjusted Spreads of Bond IndicesHuang, Jing-zhi; Kong, Weipeng
11-Aug-2004Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Housing Finance: Why True Privatization is Good Public PolicyWhite, Lawrence
14-Jul-2006Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Housing:Good Intentions Gone AwryWhite, Lawrence J.
Oct-2001Financial Distress and Bank Lending RelationshipsDahiya, Sandeep; Saunders, Anthony; Srinivasan, Anand
6-Sep-2003Financial Fragility, Liquidity and Asset PricesAllen, Franklin; Gale, Douglas
Jun-2002Financial Integration Across Borders and Across Sectors: Implications for Regulatory StructuresWalter, Ingo
19-Dec-2003Financial Intermediaries and MarketsAllen, Franklin; Gale, Douglas
2005Fussing and Fuming over Fannie and Freddie: How Much Smoke, How Much Fire?Frame, W. Scott; White, Lawrence J.
8-Sep-2000Global Integration in Primary Equity Markets: The Role of U.S. Banks and U.S. InvestorsLjungqvist, Alexander; Jenkinson, Tim; Wilhelm, William J. Jr.
18-Sep-2001Hot Markets, Investor Sentiment, and IPO PricingLjungqvist, Alexander P.; Nanda, Vikram; Singh, Rajdeep
Dec-2002Incorporating Systemic Influences Into Risk Measurements: A Survey of the LiteratureAllen, Linda; Saunders, Anthony
Feb-2004Informational Efficiency Of Loans Versus Bonds: Evidence From Secondary Market PricesAltman, Edward; Gander, Amar; Saunders, Anthony
Oct-2003Informational Efficiency of Loans versus Bonds: Evidence from Secondary Market PricesAltman, Edward; Gande, Amar; Saunders, Anthony
9-Oct-2002Informative Trading or Just Noise? An Analysis of Currency Returns, Market Liquidity, and Transaction Costs in Proximity of Central Bank InterventionsPasquariello, Paolo
Oct-2001Investment Banking Relationships and Merger FeesSaunders, Anthony; Srinivasan, Anand
30-Oct-2003The Investment Behavior of Private Equity Fund ManagersLjungqvist, Alexander; Richardson, Matthew