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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Risk Attitudes and Internet Search Engines: Theory and Experimental EvidenceGarcia-Gallego, Aurora - Universitat Jaume I; Georgantzis, Nikolaos - Universitat Jaume I; Pereira, Pedro - Autoridade da Concorrencia; Pernias-Cerrillo, Jose C. - Universitat Jaume I
2004Information Precision and Asymptotic Efficiency of Industrial MarketsTunca, Tunay I. - Stanford University
2004Measuring the Efficiency of an FCC Spectrum AuctionFox, Jeremy T. - University of Chicago & NBER; Bajari, Patrick - University of Minnesota & NBER
2004Highly Interconnected Subsystems of the Stock MarketIdicula, John - Netz Informatics
2004Indirect Network Effects and the Product Cycle: Video Games in the U.S., 1994-2002Clements, Matthew T. - University of Texas; Ohashi, Hiroshi - University of Tokyo
2004MEDQUAL: Improving Medical Web Search over Time with Dynamic Credibility HeuristicsGinsburg, Mark - University of Arizona
2004The Welfare Consequences of ATM Surcharges: Evidence from a StructuralEntry ModelGowrisankaran, Gautam - Washington University in St. Louis and NBER; Krainer, John - Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
2004A Model of Academic Journal Quality with Applications to Open-Access JournalsMcCabe, Mark J. - Georgia Institute of Technology; Snyder, Christopher M. - George Washington University
2004A Model for Emergency Service of VoIP Through Certification and LabelingSicker, Douglas C. - University of Colorado at Boulder; Lookabaugh, Tom - University of Colorado at Boulder
2004Co-opetition in standard-setting: the case of the Compact DiscKretschmer, Tobias - London School of Economics; Muehlfeld, Katrin - University of Groningen