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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006How Do Mobile Information Technology Networks Affect Firm Strategy and Performance? Firm-Level Evidence from Taxicab FleetsRawley, Evan - University of California, Berkeley
2006Platform Competition: The Role of Multi-homing and ComplementorsCarrillo, Juan D. - University of Southern California; Tan, Guofu - University of Southern California
2006What’s It To You? A Survey of Online Privacy Concerns and RisksTsai, Janice - Carnegie Mellon University; Cranor, Lorrie - Carnegie Mellon University; Acquisti, Alessandro - Carnegie Mellon University; Fong, Christina - Carnegie Mellon University
2006Usage and Diffusion of Cellular Telephony, 1998-2004Grajek, MichaƂ - Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB) and Humboldt University; Kretschmer, Tobias - University of Munich and LSE
2006ICT Use in the Developing World An Analysis of Differences in Computerand Internet PenetrationChinn, Menzie D. - University of Wisconsin, Madison & NBER; Fairlie, Robert W. - University of California, Santa Cruz
2006Airline Pricing, Price Dispersion and Ticket Characteristics On and Offthe InternetSengupta, Anirban - Texas A&M University; Wiggins, Steven - Texas A&M University
2006Flexible Investment Decisions in the Telecommunications Industry: Case Applications using Real OptionsHarmantzis, Fotios C. - Stevens Institute of Technology; Trigeorgis, Lenos - University of Cyprus and MIT; Tanguturi, Venkata Praveen - Stevens Institute of Technology
2006On the Impact of Practical P2P Incentive Mechanisms on User BehaviorAnagnostakis, Kostas G. - Institute for Infocomm Research; Harmantzis, Fotios C. - Stevens Institute of Technology; Ioannidis, Sotiris - Stevens Institute of Technology; Zghaibeh, Manaf - Stevens Institute of Technology
2006Pricing Digital Goods: Discontinuous Costs and Shared InfrastructureHuang, Ke-Wei - NYU Stern School of Business; Sundararajan, Arun - NYU Stern School of Business
2006The Geography E-Commerce: Evidence from eBay and MercadoLibreHortacsu, Ali - University of Chicago and NBER; Martinez-Jerez, F. Asis - Harvard Business School; Douglas, Jason