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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Price Wars in Two-Sided Markets: The case of the UK Quality NewspapersBehringer, Stefan - Universitat Mainz; Filistrucchi, Lapo - Tilburg University and University of Florence
2009Social Ties and User Generated Content: Evidence from an Online Social NetworkHofstetter, Reto - University of Bern; Shriver, Scott K. - Stanford GSB; Nair, Harikesh S. - Stanford GSB; Miller, Klaus - University of Bern
2009A Dynamic Structural Model of User Learning in Mobile Media ContentGhose, Anindya - NYU Stern School of Business; Han, Sang Pil - NYU Stern School of Business
2009Strategies to Fight Ad-sponsored RivalsCasadesus-Masanell, Ramon - Harvard Business School; Zhu, Feng - University of Southern California
2009Heterogeneity and Information Spillovers in Web Service SourcingDeltas, George - University of Illinois; Hong, Seung-Hyun - University of Illinois
2009Loyalty/requirement rebates and the Antitrust Modernization Commission: What is the appropriate liability standard?Economides, Nicholas - NYU Stern School of Business
2009Broadband User Discrimination and the Net Neutrality DebateGuo, Hong - University of Notre Dame; Bandyopadhyay, Subhajyoti - University of Florida; Cheng, Hsing K. - University of Florida
2009Recommendation Networks and the Long Tail of Electronic CommerceOestreicher-Singer, Gal - Tel-Aviv University and New York University; Sundararajan, Arun - New York University
2009Search and the City: Comparing the Use of WiFi in New York, Budapest and MontrealForlano, Laura - Yale Law School
2009Switching Costs in Network IndustriesChen, Jiawei - University of California, Irvine