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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Nonbanks in the Payments System: Vertical Integration IssuesEconomides, Nicholas - NYU Stern School of Business
2007Stuck in the Adoption Funnel: The Effect of Delays in the Adoption Process on Ultimate AdoptionLambrecht, Anja - London Business School; Seim, Katja- Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
2007The Impact of Online Information on the Purchase of Certified Used CarsRamachandran, Vandana - Smith School of Business, University of Maryland; Viswanathan, Siva - Smith School of Business, University of Maryland; Gosain, Sanjay - Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
2007The Elusive Antitrust Standard on Bundling in Europe and in the United States in the Aftermath of the Microsoft CasesEconomides, Nicholas - NYU Stern School of Business; Llanos, Ioannis - University College
2007Price Discrimination in Two-Sided MarketsLiu, Qihong - University of Oklahoma; Serfes, Konstantinos - Drexel University
2007Funding Universal Service: The Effect of Telecommunications Subsidy Programs on Competition and Retail PricesChiang, Eric P. - Florida Atlantic University; Hauge, Janice A. - University of North Texas
2007Word of Mouth and Taste Matching: A Theory of the Long TailHervas-Drane, Andres - Columbia University and Universitat Pompeu Fabra
2007Competing ComplementsCasadesus-Masanell, Ramon - Harvard Business School; Nalebuff, Barry - SOM Yale University; Yoffie, David - Harvard Business School
2007Crowding Out or Complementarity in the Telecommunications Market?Ribeiro, Ricardo - London School of Economics; Vareda, Joao - Universidade Nova de Lisboa
2007Group Size and Incentive to Contribute: A Natural Experiment at Chinese WikipediaZhang, Michael - HKUST Business School; Zhu, Feng - Harvard University