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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2003ICANN/UDRP Performance - An Empirical AnalysisKesan, Jay P. - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Gallo, Andres A. - University of North Florida
1-Jan-2003The Delft UMTS Testbed and End-user Security FeaturesMaitland, Carleen - Pennsylvania State University
1-Jan-2003Orchestrating Web Services for Networked Enterprise CollaborationSrinivasan, Ananth - University of Auckland Business School; Sundaram, David - University of Auckland Business School
1-Jan-2003Excessive(?) Entry of National Telecom Networks, 1990-2001Hogendorn, Christiaan - Wesleyan University
1-Jan-2003Adoption Delay in a Standards WarRysman, Marc - Boston University
1-Jan-2003Effects of ISP Interconnection Agreements on Internet Competition: The Case of the Network Access Point as a Cooperative Agreement for Internet Traffic ExchangeBeltran, Fernando - Universidad de Los Andes
1-Jan-2003Assessing the Impact of Internet Telephony on the Deployment of Telecommunications InfrastructureGarcia-Murillo, Martha - Syracuse University
1-Jan-2003Network Interconnection With Competitive TransitGilo, David - Recanati Graduate School of Business Adminstration; Spiegel, Yossi - Recanati Graduate School of Business Adminstration
1-Jan-2003Antitrust Analysis of Mergers with Bundling in Complementary Markets:Implications for Pricing, Innovation, and Compatibility ChoiceChoi, Jay Pil - Michigan State University
1-Jan-2003End-user security in mobile telecommunications: Policy perspectives anda research agendaMaitland, Carleen - Pennsylvania State University