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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jan-2012Estimating Causal Installed-Base Effects: A Bias-Correction ApproachNarayanan, Sridhar; Nair, Harikesh S.
9-Feb-2012The Effect of Entry and Market Structure on Cellular Pricing TacticsSeim, Katja; Viard, Brian
2006Airline Pricing, Price Dispersion and Ticket Characteristics On and Offthe InternetSengupta, Anirban - Texas A&M University; Wiggins, Steven - Texas A&M University
2005Quantifying the benefits of entry into local phone serviceEconomides, Nicholas - NYU Stern School of Business; Seim, Katja - University of Pennsylvania; Viard, V. Brian - Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
2006Flexible Investment Decisions in the Telecommunications Industry: Case Applications using Real OptionsHarmantzis, Fotios C. - Stevens Institute of Technology; Trigeorgis, Lenos - University of Cyprus and MIT; Tanguturi, Venkata Praveen - Stevens Institute of Technology
2007Inter-Generational Transitions in Technological Ecosystems: The Case of Mobile TelephonyAnsari, Shahzad - Erasmus University; Garud, Raghu - Pennsylvania State University
2005Congestion Pricing in an Internet MarketCanals-Cerda, Jose - University of Colorado at Boulder
2007Standards Competition In The Presence Of Digital Conversion Technology:An Empirical Analysis Of The Flash Memory Card MarketLiu, Charles Z. - University of Pittsburgh; Kemerer, Chris - University of Pittsburgh; Smith, Michael D. - Carnegie-Mellon University
2005Patents and the Performance of Voluntary Standard Setting OrganizationsRysman, Marc - Boston University; Simcoe, Tim - University of Toronto
2006On the Impact of Practical P2P Incentive Mechanisms on User BehaviorAnagnostakis, Kostas G. - Institute for Infocomm Research; Harmantzis, Fotios C. - Stevens Institute of Technology; Ioannidis, Sotiris - Stevens Institute of Technology; Zghaibeh, Manaf - Stevens Institute of Technology