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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Incentives to Invest and to Give Access to Non-Regulated Next Generation NetworksBrito, Duarte - Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Pereira, Pedro - Portuguese Competition Authority; Vareda, Joao - Universidade Nova de Lisboa
2008Asymmetric Network EffectsCantillon, Estelle - Universite Libre de Bruxelles; Yin, Pai-Ling - MIT Sloan School of Management
2007Online Peer-to-peer Communities: An Empirical Investigation of a Music Sharing Network as a Dynamic Two-sided NetworkGu, Bin - University of Texas; Huang, Yun - University of Texas; Duan, Wenjing - George Washington University; Whinston, Andrew - University of Texas
2006How Do Mobile Information Technology Networks Affect Firm Strategy and Performance? Firm-Level Evidence from Taxicab FleetsRawley, Evan - University of California, Berkeley
2007The Effects Of Competition On The Price For Cable Modem Internet AccessChen, Yongmin - University of Colorado at Boulder; Savage, Scott J. - University of Colorado at Boulder
2006Platform Competition: The Role of Multi-homing and ComplementorsCarrillo, Juan D. - University of Southern California; Tan, Guofu - University of Southern California
2006What’s It To You? A Survey of Online Privacy Concerns and RisksTsai, Janice - Carnegie Mellon University; Cranor, Lorrie - Carnegie Mellon University; Acquisti, Alessandro - Carnegie Mellon University; Fong, Christina - Carnegie Mellon University
2008Are Social Networking Sites a Source of Online Harassment for Teens? Evidence from Survey DataSengupta, Anirban - Analysis Group, Inc.; Chaudhuri, Anoshua - San Francisco State University
2008A SSNIP Test for Two-sided Markets: The Case of MediaFilistrucchi, Lapo - Tilburg University and University of Siena
2008Market Entry in E-CommerceKasy, Maximilian - University of California, Berkeley; Kummer, Michael- Johannes Keppler University