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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Network Effects, Market Structure and Industry PerformanceAmir, Rabah - University of Arizona; Lazzati, Natalia - University of Arizona
21-Dec-2011How Does Content Aggregation Affect Users’ Search for Information?Chiou, Lesley; Tucker, Catherine
2007Lock-In and Unobserved Preferences in Server Operating System Adoption: A Case of Linux vs. WindowsHong, Seung-Hyun - University of Illinois; Rezende, Leonardo - PUC-Rio and University of Illinois
2006Adoption and Usage of Online Services in the Presence of Complementary Offline Services: Retail BankingLambrecht, Anja - UCLA; Seim, Katja - University of Pennsylvania
2006Network Effects, Switching Costs, and Underlying Preferences in Operating Systems for Servers: A Case of Linux vs. WindowsSeung-Hyun Hong, University of Illinois; Leonardo Rezende, PUC-Rio and University of Illinois
2007Competition in Mobile Telephony in France and GermanyGrzybowski, Lukasz - Competition Commission, UK; Karamti, Chiraz - Telecom Paris, ENST
2007The Impacts of Shopbots on Online Consumer SearchZhang, Jennifer - University of Texas at Arlington; Jing, Bing - Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
9-Feb-2012Two-Sided Competition of Proprietary vs. Open Source Technology Platforms and the Implications for the Software IndustryEconomides, Nicholas; Katsamakas, Evangelos
17-Jan-2012Endogenous merger waves in vertically related industriesYao, Zhiyong; Zhou, Wen
2007Bundling and Competition for SlotsJeon, Doh-Shin - Universitat Pompeu Fabra; Menicucci, Domenico - Universita degli Studi di Firenze