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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Mobile Termination and Consumer Expectations under the Receiver-Pays RegimeHurkens, Sjaak - Institute for Economic Analysis; Lopez, Angel L. - IESE Business School,
2009Strategies to Fight Ad-sponsored RivalsCasadesus-Masanell, Ramon - Harvard Business School; Zhu, Feng - University of Southern California
2008A Retail Benchmarking Approach to Efficient Two-Way Access Pricing: Termination-Based Price Discrimination with Elastic Subscription DemandHurkens, Sjaak - Universitat Pompeu Fabra; Jeon, Doh-Shin - Universitat Pompeu Fabra
2008Market Penetration and Late Entry in Mobile TelephonyHoernig, Steffen - Universidade Nova de Lisboa
2008Modeling the Product Space as a NetworkChawla, Nitesh - University of Notre Dame; Raeder, Troy - University of Notre Dame; Blanton, Marina - University of Notre Dame; Frikken, Keith - University of Notre Dame
2009Heterogeneity and Information Spillovers in Web Service SourcingDeltas, George - University of Illinois; Hong, Seung-Hyun - University of Illinois
2010An Empirical Study of Online Software Outsourcing: Signals under Different Contract RegimesLin, Mingfeng - University of Maryland; Viswanathan, Siva - University of Maryland; Agarwal, Ritu - University of Maryland
2009Loyalty/requirement rebates and the Antitrust Modernization Commission: What is the appropriate liability standard?Economides, Nicholas - NYU Stern School of Business
2008Are Ratings Informative Signals? The Analysis of the Netflix DataMaryanchyk, Ivan - University of Arizona
2008Empirically Testing for Indirect Network Externalities in the LCDLivingston, Jeffrey - Bentley University; Ortmeyer, David - Bentley University; Scholten, Patrick - Bentley University; Wong, Wilson - Bentley University