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NET Institute Working Papers Series

Collection's Items: 21 to 40 of 275

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Broadband Openness Rules Are Fully Justified by Economic ResearchEconomides, Nicholas - NYU Stern School of Business
2009Broadband User Discrimination and the Net Neutrality DebateGuo, Hong - University of Notre Dame; Bandyopadhyay, Subhajyoti - University of Florida; Cheng, Hsing K. - University of Florida
2006Bundling and Collusion in Communications MarketsBaranes, Edmond - University of Montpellier
2007Bundling and Competition for SlotsJeon, Doh-Shin - Universitat Pompeu Fabra; Menicucci, Domenico - Universita degli Studi di Firenze
21-Dec-2011Buy-it-now or Take-a-chance: A New Pricing Mechanism for Online AdvertisingCelis, L. Elisa; Lewis, Gregory; Mobius, Markus; Nazerzadeh, Hamid
2005Cell Phone Demand and Consumer Learning - An Empirical AnalysisGaynor, Martin - Carnegie Mellon University; Shi, Yunfeng - Carnegie Mellon University; Telang, Rahul - Carnegie Mellon University; Vogt, William - Carnegie Mellon University
2004Co-opetition in standard-setting: the case of the Compact DiscKretschmer, Tobias - London School of Economics; Muehlfeld, Katrin - University of Groningen
17-Jan-2012Collusion and the political differentiation of newspapersAntonielli, Marco; Filistrucchi, Lapo
2005Competing Against Simulated Equilibrium Price Dispersions: AnExperimentOn Internet-Assisted Search MarketsGarcia-Gallego, Aurora - Universitat Jaume I; GeorgantzIs, Nikolaos - Universitat Jaume I; Pereira, Pedro - Autoridade da Concorrencia; Pernias-Cerrillo, Jose C. - LINEEX, Universitat de Valencia
2007Competing ComplementsCasadesus-Masanell, Ramon - Harvard Business School; Nalebuff, Barry - SOM Yale University; Yoffie, David - Harvard Business School
2005Competing Technologies in the Database Management Systems MarketKretschmer, Tobias - London School of Economics
2007Competing with Menus of Tariff OptionsMiravete, Eugenio - University of Texas at Austin
2007Competition and Contracting in Service IndustriesJohari, Ramesh - Stanford University; Weintraub, Gabriel - Columbia Business School
2007Competition in Mobile Telephony in France and GermanyGrzybowski, Lukasz - Competition Commission, UK; Karamti, Chiraz - Telecom Paris, ENST
2008Competition vs. Regulation in Mobile TelecommunicationsStennek, Johan - Gothenburg University and CEPR; Tangeras, Thomas P. - Research Institute of Industrial Economics
2009Competitive Pressure and the Adoption of Complementary InnovationsKretschmer, Tobias - Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen; Miravete, Eugenio J. - University of Texas at Austin; Pernias, Jose C. - Universitat Jaume I
2008Computer Virus Propagation in a Network Organization: The Interplay between Social and Technological NetworksCheng, Hsing Kenny - Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida; Guo, Hong - Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida
2007Congestion and Market Structure in the Airline IndustryAter, Itai - Stanford University
2005Congestion Pricing in an Internet MarketCanals-Cerda, Jose - University of Colorado at Boulder
2005Consolidation in the Wireless Phone IndustryFox, Jeremy T. - University of Chicago