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Vision Images And Dreams. Eric A. Goldman

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-First Yiddish talking film,Mayn Yidishe Mame (My Jewish Mother, 1930.) From left near cake: Mae Simon, Bernice Simon, Seymour Rexite, Sidney Goldin, David Denk, Helen Blay and Don Malcames. Far left: Joseph Seiden-
-Grigori Roshal with film historian Eric A. Goldman in 1977 outside the Lenin Filmmakers' Club in Moscow-
-Helen Beverly and Moishe Oysher in the film The Vilna Cantor, 1949-
-Helen Beverly in the film version of Peretz Hirschbein's Green Fields-
-Helen Beverly, David Opatoshu and Isidore Cashier in Edgar G. Ulmer's film version of Mendele Mokher Seforim's Di Kliatshe (The Mare, 1939)-
-Helen Beverly, Herschel Bernardi, Michael Goldstein and Max Vodnoy in the film version of Peretz Hirschbein's Green Fields-
-In the center is Jacob Kalich. Next to him is real-life wife Molly Picon in the film Mizerekh un Maurev (1923).-
-Interior scene from the film Tkies Kaf (The Vow) (1923). Second from left is Zygmund Turkow. Next to him is Esther Kaminska. Second from the right is Jonas Turkow.-
-Isaac Samberg, Miriam Kressyn, Jonas Turkow, Berta Litwina, Jacob Rajnglas and Max Bozyk in Der Purimshpeiler, 1937-
-Israel Becker's autobiographical Holocaust film Long is the Road, 1947 with Becker, Berta Litwina and Jacob Fischer-
-Israel Becker's autobiographical Holocaust film Long is the Road, 1947 with Bettina Moissi, Otto Wernicke, Israel Becker and Berta Litwina-
-Itshok Grudberg, the brother of actors Jonas and Aygmund Torkow playing a yeshiva student in the film Tkies Kaf (The Vow) (1937).-
-Jewish actors and non-Jewish actors performing together in the film In Poylishe Velder (In Polish Woods) (1929), a story of Polish-Jewish unity-
-Jonas Turkow in the Der Purimshpeiler directed by Joseph Green, 1937-
-Jonas Turkow playing the title role in the film Der Lamedvovnik (One of the 36 Just Men) (1923)-
-Joseph Seiden (center, with white shirt and tie) is directing actors Esther Field and Lazar Freed in the film Eli Eli (My God, My God) (1940)-
-Joseph Seiden directing Chaim Tauber in the film Motl the Operator, 1930-
-Joseph Seiden's film The Voice of Israel, 1931 starring the great cantors: Shaile Engelhardt, Mordechai Herschman, Adolph Katchko, David Roitman, Yossele Rosenblat, Seidel Rovner, Josef Schlisky, Joseph Shapiro, Leibele Waldman, Cantor Schlisky-
-Joseph Seiden's film version of Jacob Gordin's God, Man and Devil starring Michal Michalesco and Leon Schechter, 1949-
-Joseph Seiden's last film Dray Tekhter (Three Daughters) (1949). From left to right: Esta Salzman, Zelda Kaplan, Rebecca Weintraub, Charlotte Golstein-