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Proceedings of the Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events 2019 Workshop (DCASE2019)

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2019The Impact of Missing Labels and Overlapping Sound Events on Multi-label Multi-instance Learning for Sound Event ClassificationMeire, Maarten; Karsmakers, Peter; Vuegen, Lode
Oct-2019Improvement of DOA Estimation by using Quaternion Output in Sound Event Localization and DetectionSudo, Yui; Itoyama, Katsutoshi; Nishida, Kenji; Nakadai, Kazuhiro
Oct-2019Language Modelling for Sound Event Detection with Teacher Forcing and Scheduled SamplingDrossos, Konstantinos; Gharib, Shayan; Magron, Paul; Virtanen, Tuomas
Oct-2019Localization, Detection and Tracking of Multiple Moving Sound Sources with a Convolutional Recurrent Neural NetworkAdavanne, Sharath; Politis, Archontis; Virtanen, Tuomas
Oct-2019Long-distance Detection of Bioacoustic Events with Per-channel Energy NormalizationLostanlen, Vincent; Palmer, Kaitlin; Knight, Elly; Clark, Christopher; Klinck, Holger; Farnsworth, Andrew; Wong, Tina; Cramer, Aurora; Bello, Juan
Oct-2019MAVD: A Dataset for Sound Event Detection in Urban EnvironmentsZinemanas, Pablo; Cancela, Pablo; Rocamora, Martín
Oct-2019MIMII Dataset: Sound Dataset for Malfunctioning Industrial Machine Investigation and InspectionPurohit, Harsh; Tanabe, Ryo; Ichige, Takeshi; Endo, Takashi; Nikaido, Yuki; Suefusa, Kaori; Kawaguchi, Yohei
Oct-2019A Multi-room Reverberant Dataset for Sound Event Localization and DetectionAdavanne, Sharath; Politis, Archontis; Virtanen, Tuomas
Oct-2019Multiple Neural Networks with Ensemble Method for Audio Tagging with Noisy Labels and Minimal SupervisionHe, Kexin; Shen, Yuhan; Zhang, Wei-Qiang
Oct-2019Neural Audio Captioning Based on Conditional Sequence-to-Sequence ModelIkawa, Shota; Kashino, Kunio
Oct-2019Non-Negative Matrix Factorization-Convolutional Neural Network (NMF-CNN) for Sound Event DetectionChan, Teck Kai; Chin, Cheng Siong; Li, Ye
Oct-2019Onsets, Activity, and Events: A Multi-task Approach for Polyphonic Sound Event ModellingPankajakshan, Arjun; Bear, Helen; Benetos, Emmanouil
Oct-2019Open-Set Acoustic Scene Classification with Deep Convolutional AutoencodersWilkinghoff, Kevin; Kurth, Frank
Oct-2019Open-set Evolving Acoustic Scene Classification SystemSaki, Fatemeh; Guo, Yinyi; Hung, Cheng-Yu; Kim, Lae-hoon; Deshpande, Manyu; Moon, Sunkuk; Koh, Eunjeong; Visser, Erik
Oct-2019OtoMechanic: Auditory Automobile Diagnostics via Query-by-ExampleMorrison, Max; Pardo, Bryan
Oct-2019Polyphonic Sound Event Detection and Localization using a Two-Stage StrategyCao, Yin; Kong, Qiuqiang; Iqbal, Turab; An, Fengyan; Wang, Wenwu; Plumbley, Mark
Oct-2019Proceedings of the Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events 2019 Workshop (DCASE2019)Mandel, Michael; Salamon, Justin; Ellis, Daniel P.W.
Oct-2019Receptive-Field-Regularized CNN Variants for Acoustic Scene ClassificationKoutini, Khaled; Eghbal-zadeh, Hamid; Widmer, Gerhard
Oct-2019Robust Non-negative Block Sparse Coding for Acoustic Novelty DetectionGiri, Ritwik; Krishnaswamy, Arvindh; Helwani, Karim
Oct-2019Robustness of Adversarial Attacks in Sound Event ClassificationSubramanian, Vinod; Benetos, Emmanouil; Sandler, Mark B.