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Financial Institutions

Collection's Items: 41 to 60 of 70

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Aug-2001IPO Allocations: Discriminatory or Discretionary?Ljungqvist, Alexander; Wilhelm, William J. Jr.
12-Nov-2001IPO Pricing in the Dot-Com Bubble: Complacency or IncentivesLjungqvist, Alexander P.; Wilhelm, William J. Jr.
Jul-2003Is There a Customer Relationship Effect from Bank ATM Surcharges?Massoud, Nadia; Saunders, Anthony; Scholnick, Barry
Feb-2003Issues in the Credit Risk Modeling of Retail MarketsAllen, Linda; DeLong, Gayle; Saunders, Anthony
Mar-2003The Link between Default and Recovery Rates: Theory, Empirical Evidence and ImplicationsAltman, Edward I.; Brady, Brooks; Resti, Andrea; Sironi, Andrea
1-Jan-2003The Long-Run Behavior of Debt and Equity Underwriting SpreadsKim, Dongcheol; Palia, Darius; Saunders, Anthony
2001Managing Ethical Risk: The Securities Industry and the LawAlan Bear, Larry; Maldonado-Bear, Rita
Feb-2003Market Size and Investment Performance of Defaulted Bonds and Bank Loans: 1987-2002Altman, Edward I.; Jha, Shubin
8-Oct-2003Measuring the Value of Strategic Alliances in the Wake of a Financial Implosion: Evidence from Japan's Financial Services SectorChiou, Ingyu; White, Lawrence J.
11-Aug-2004Mortgage Backed Securities: Another Way to Finance HousingWhite, Lawrence
1-Jan-2003The New Economy and Banks and Financial InstitutionsWhite, Lawrence J.
Mar-2004Privatization Matters: Bank Efficiency in Transition CountriesWachtel, Paul; Bonin, John; Hasan, Iftekhar
May-2002Revisiting Credit Scoring Models in a Basel 2 EnvironmentAltman, Edward I.
27-Sep-2000Risk Management, Capital Structure and Capital Budgeting in Financial InstitutionsCebenoyan, A. Sinan; Strahan, Philip E.
Dec-2001The Role of Bank Advisors in Mergers and AcquisitionsAllen, Linda; Jagtiani, Julapa; Peristiani, Stavros; Saunders, Anthony
Jan-2005The Role of Banks in TakeoversIvashina, Victoria; Nair, Vinay B.; Saunders, Anthony; Massoud, Nadia Ziad
1-Jan-2003The Savings and Loan Debacle: A Perspective from the Early Twenty-First CenturyWhite, Lawrence J.
29-Sep-2005Scaling the Hierarchy: How and Why Investment Banks Compete for Syndicate Co-Management AppointmentsLjungqvist, Alexander; Marston, Felicia C.; Wilhelm Jr., William J.
6-Dec-2005Sharing Underwriters with Rivals: Implications for Competition in Investment BankingAsker, John; Ljungqvist, Alexander
2004So What Do I Get? The Bank’s View of Lending RelationshipsBharath, Sreedhar; Dahiya, Sandeep; Saunders, Anthony; Srinivasan, Anand