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Macro Finance

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1999Liquidity Crises in Emerging Markets: Theory and PolicyChang, Roberto; Velasco, Andres
20-Sep-2003Media Frenzies in Markets for Financial InformationVeldkamp, Laura L.
Sep-2003Medium Term Business CyclesComin, Diego; Gertler, Mark
Dec-2001A Model of TFPLagos, Ricardo
17-Dec-2002Multiple Risky Assets, Transaction Costs and Return Predictability: Implications for Portfolio ChoiceLynch, Anthony W.; Tan, Sinan
Sep-1999Multivariate Stock Returns Around Extreme Events: A Reassessment of Economic Fundamentals and the 1987 Market CrashFisher, Adlai
26-Sep-2000Optimal Consumption and Portfolio Allocation under Mean-Reverting Returns: An Exact Solution for Complete MarketsWachter, Jessica A.
6-Jul-1999Optimal Investment with Taxes: An Existence ResultJouini, Elyès; Koehl, Pierre-Francois; Touzi, Nizar
31-Mar-2004Over-the-Counter MarketsDuffie, Darrell; Gârleanu, Nicolae; Pedersen, Lasse Heje
16-Aug-2000Ownership Structure, Income Distribution, and Competitive Equilibrium: A Theory of Business Cycles, Human Capital, and Asset ReturnsDai, Qiang
Jul-2003Political News and Stock Prices: The Case of Saddam Hussein ContractsAmihud, Yakov; Wohl, Avi
Aug-1999Political Risk, Financial Crisis, and Market VolatilityMei, Jianping (J.P.)
19-Nov-2001Portfolio and Consumption Decisions under Mean-Revering Returns: An Exact Solution for Complete MarketsWachter, Jessica A.
Mar-1999Portfolio Choice and Equity Characteristics: Characterizing the Hedging Demands Induced by Return PredictabilityLynch, Anthony W.
Oct-2000Portfolio Choice with Many Risky Assets, Market Clearing and Cash Flow PredictabilityLynch, Anthony W.
Mar-1999Private Insurance Markets or Redistributive Taxes?Krueger, Dirk; Perri, Fabrizio
12-Oct-2003The Q-Theory of IPOsJovanovic, Boyan; Rousseau, Peter L.
1-Jan-2003The Q-Theory of MergersJovanovic, Boyan; Rousseau, Peter L.
Feb-2002R&D? A Small Contribution to Productivity GrowthComín, Diego
1-Nov-1999Regime Shifts and Bond ReturnsBoudoukh, Jacob; Richardson, Matthew; Smith, Tom; Whitelaw, Robert