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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Mar-2013Chapter 8: Centrality of Health Workers in Building a Universal and Equitable Health SystemCampos, Francisco Eduardo; de Araujo Oliveira, Vinicius; Soares, Sonia Maria
14-Mar-2013Chapter 1: Investing Strategically in the Global Health WorkforceDeLuca, Marilyn A.; Kurth, Ann E.; Hagopian, Amy
14-Mar-2013Chapter 10: Leadership and Management to Empower the Health WorkforceO'Neil, Mary; Seims, La Rue; Cheburet, Samuel; Dedzo, McDamien; Vriesendorp, Sylvia; Sapati, Brian; Bragar, Joan
14-Mar-2013Chapter 5: Public/Private Partnerships to Enhance and Improve Health SystemsBzdak, Michael
14-Mar-2013Chapter 2: Promising Choices: How Health Workforce Policy Choices Dictate Health OutcomesMiddleberg, Maurice I.; Rangarao, Sadana; Hoemeke, Laura; Powers, Mary Beth; Stilwell, Barbara; Tulenko, Kate
14-Mar-2013Chapter 9: Community Health Worker Compensation Models: A Roundtable Discussion with Voices from the FieldDakkak, MaryAnn; Ahmed, Faruque; Farmer, Didi Bertrand; May, Maria A.; Pariyo, George; Phoya, Ann; Palazuelos, Daniel
14-Mar-2013Chapter 3: For More Effective Health Aid in AfricaEl Maghraby, Atef; Zhao, Feng
14-Mar-2013Chapter 7: Sustainable Nursing Human Resources SystemsSquires, Allison; Kovner, Christine T.; Kurth, Ann E.
17-Sep-2013Transforming the Global Health WorkforceDeLuca, Marilyn A.; Soucat, Agnes
14-Mar-2013Chapter 6: Aligning Health Professions Education with Contemporary Needs: The Perspective of the Josiah Macy Jr. FoundationThibault, George E.; Schoenbaum, Stephen C.