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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2021Policy Recommendations for Meeting the Grand Challenge to Advance Long, Healthy, and Productive LivesGonzales, Ernest; Matz, Christina; Morrow-Howell, Nancy; Putnam, Michelle; Greenfield, Jennifer; Halvorsen, Cal
15-Apr-2021Age Discrimination in the Workplace and its Association with Health and Work: Implications for Social PolicyGonzales, Ernest; Marchiondo, Lisa; Ran, Shan; Brown, Celeste; Goettge, Kate; Krutchen, Rachel
Mar-2021Ecological and Psychosocial Perspectives on Intergenerational Home SharingGonzales, Ernest; Whetung, Cliff; Kruchten, Rachel; Levy, Nicole; Connaught, Gerry; Darvishi, Maryam
Apr-2021Intergenerational Programs: A Potentially Cost-Effective Response to Major Social IssuesGonzales, Ernest; Morrow-Howell, Nancy
30-Mar-2021Intergenerational Home Sharing and Public Benefits: Barriers and Potential SolutionsGonzales, Ernest; Levy, Nicole; Whetung, Cliff; Kruchten, Rachel
1-Aug-2022Ageism in the FamilyGordon, Stacey; Gonzales, Ernest
Dec-2022Applying an Anti-Racist and Anti-Ageist Lens to Intergenerational Volunteer Opportunities: Centering the Social Construction of Race and Age to Promote EquityGonzales, Ernest; Jarrott, Shannon
2021Advancing Long, Healthy, and Productive Lives: A Focus on GenderGonzales, Ernest; Matz, Christina; Morrow-Howell, Nancy; Lam Lai, Patrick Ho; Whetung, Cliff; Zingg, Emma; Keating, Erin; James, Jacquelyn B.; Putnam, Michelle
Dec-2022Policy Disincentives to Home Sharing: A Focus on Income and HousingMerz, Allison; Kruchten, Rachel; Gonzales, Ernest
Dec-2022A Booming Online Presence: Examining Older Adult Online Activity for Intergenerational Program RecruitmentMerz, Allison; Kruchten, Rachel; Gonzales, Ernest