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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jul-2007Should Wal-Mart, Real Estate Brokers, and Banks Be in Bed Together? A Principles-Based Approach to the Issues of the Separation of Banking and CommerceWhite, Lawrence J.
14-Jul-2006Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Housing:Good Intentions Gone AwryWhite, Lawrence J.
2005Fussing and Fuming over Fannie and Freddie: How Much Smoke, How Much Fire?Frame, W. Scott; White, Lawrence J.
1-Jan-2003The Savings and Loan Debacle: A Perspective from the Early Twenty-First CenturyWhite, Lawrence J.
28-Jul-1997De Novo Banks and Lending to Small Businesses: An Empirical AnalysisGoldberg, Lawrence G.; White, Lawrence J.
21-Mar-2006Multinationals Do It Better: Evidence on the Efficiency of Corporations’ Capital BudgetingGreene, William H.; Hornstein, Abigail S.; White, Lawrence J.; Yeung, Bernard Y.
Feb-2005The Effects of Competition from Large, Multimarket Firms on the Performance of Small, Single-Market Firms: Evidence from the Banking IndustryBerger, Allen N .; Dick, Astrid A.; Goldberg, Lawrence G.; White, Lawrence J.
15-Jan-2014Technological Change, Financial Innovation, and Diffusion in BankingFrame, W. Scott; White, Lawrence J.
10-Oct-1997Youth, Adolescence, and Maturity of Banks: Credit Availability to Small Business in an Era of Banking ConsolidationDeYoung, Robert; Goldberg, Lawrence G.; White, Lawrence J.
16-Dec-1997Cookie-Cutter versus Character: The Micro Structure of Small Business Lending by Large and Small BanksCole, Rebel A.; Goldberg, Lawrence G.; White, Lawrence J.