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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Mar-2007TachyBromage, Timothy
13-Sep-2011Takeovers and Divergence of Investor OpinionJohn, Kose; Chatterjee, Sris; Yan, An
2-Mar-2005Takeovers, Governance and The Cross-Section of ReturnsCREMERS, K. J. MARTIJN; NAIR, VINAY B.; JOHN, KOSE
19-Mar-2004A Tale of Two IndicesCarr, Peter; Wu, Liuren
16-Oct-2007Tandem Plowing in the 2000sNew York Department of Sanitation
1-Mar-2008Targeted Advertising: The Role of Subscriber CharacteristicsChandra, Ambarish
7-Mar-2007Taung Bacterial AttackBromage, Timothy
1982Tax Accounting for Foreign PersonsDale, Harvey P.
May-1999Tax and Education Policy in a Heterogeneous Agent Economy: What Levels of Redistribution Maximize Growth and Efficiency?Benabou, Roland
May-1998Tax and Liquidity Effects in Pricing Government BondsElton, Edwin J.; Green, Clifton T.
Mar-1997Tax and Liquidity Effects in Pricing Government BondsElton, Edwin J.; Green, T. Clifton
Aug-2008Tax Sensitivity and Home State Preferences in Internet PurchasingEllison, Glenn; Ellison, Sara Fisher
1981Tax Shelter Opinions: A Panel DiscussionDale, Harvey; Jacobowitz, Melvin; Henderson, Gordon; Liles, Kenneth
15-Nov-1990Tax-exempt Organizations: Winds of ChangeDale, Harvey
20-Mar-1991Tax-exempt Organizations: Winds of Change, The Norman A. Sugarman Memorial LectureDale, Harvey
15-Nov-2007Taxes and the Global Allocation of CapitalBackus, David; Henriksen, Espen; Storeletten, Kjetil
1991The Taxes of TokaBagnall, Roger S.
11-Jun-2016Tech-ing to Transgress: Putting Values into Library PracticeVinopal, Jennifer
2004Technical Compatibility and the Mode of Foreign Entry under Network ExternalitiesKlimenko, Mikhail - Georgia Institute of Technology; Saggi, Kamal - Southern Methodist University
26-Jan-2012Technical Trading, Predictability and Learning in Currency MarketsLevich, Richard M.; Poti, Valerio; Pattitoni, Pierpaolo
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