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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Feb-201206_01_EconomidesEconomides, Nicholas
Jun-1995Access and Interconnection Pricing: How Efficient is the Efficient Component Pricing Rule?Economides, Nicholas; White, Lawrence J.
Mar-1993The Benefits of Franchising and Vertical Disintergration in Monopolistic Competition for Locationally Differentiated ProductsEconomides, Nicholas
Nov-1997Compatibility and Market Structure for Network GoodsEconomides, Nicholas; Flyer, Fredrick
1-Jan-2003Competition Policy In Network Industries:An IntroductionEconomides, Nicholas
Aug-1995Critical Mass and Network Size with Application to the US Fax MarketEconomides, Nicholas; Himmelberg, Charles
Aug-2002Does it Pay to be First? Sequential Locational Choice and ForeclosureEconomides, Nicholas; Howell, Jamie; Meza, Sergio
1999Durable Goods Monopoly with Network Externalities with Application to the PC Operating Systems MarketEconomides, Nicholas
Sep-1995The Economics of NetworksEconomides, Nicholas
13-May-2008The Economics of the InternetEconomides, Nicholas
2004The Economics of the Internet BackboneEconomides, Nicholas
Feb-1995Electronic Call Market TradingEconomides, Nicholas; Schwartz, Robert A.
31-Dec-2007The Elusive Antitrust Standard on Bundling in Europe and in the United States at the Aftermath of the Microsoft CasesEconomides, Nicholas; Lianos, Ioannis
Aug-1994Equilibrium Fee Schedules in a Monopolist Call MarketEconomides, Nicholas; Heisler, Jeff
Nov-1995Equity Trading Practices and Market Structure: Assessing Asset Managers' Demand for ImmediacyEconomides, Nicholas; Schwartz, Robert A.
Jan-1994How to Enhance Market LiquidityEconomides, Nicholas
Jan-1998The Incentive for Non-Price Discrimination by an Input MonopolistEconomides, Nicholas
Jan-2005The Incentive for Vertical IntegrationEconomides, Nicholas
Jul-1995The Incentive of a Monopolist to Provide All GoodsEconomides, Nicholas
Feb-1996The Inefficiency of the ECPR Yet Again: A Reply to LarsonEconomides, Nicholas; White, Lawrence J.
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