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Title: Sanitation Worker Marking Appliances as CFC Free (1)
Keywords: On the Job, work;sanitation worker;waste disposal;CFC removal;Recycling
Issue Date: 15-Oct-2007
Abstract: A 4" by 6" glossy of a sanitation worker marking appliances as CFC free. Photograph unmarked on front and back.
Description: An example of the DSNY's program to test appliances (mostly air conditioners and refrigerators) to make sure that they have their CFC removed before disposal. In this photograph, the worker is marking the appliances as having had the CFC removed. The appliances are now ready for pick-up. Some more information about this process can be found on the 2006 DSNY annual report: "In 1999, as a result of new Federal requirements pertaining to the Clean Air Act, a program to reclaim Chloro-Flouro Carbon (C.F.C) Gas (ex. Freon) was developed by the Department of Sanitation. C.F.C. gas is found in most refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and water coolers manufactured before the mid-1990’s. The United States Environmental Protection Agency, which determined that C.F.C.’s have a harmful effect on the ozone layer, required the Department to develop a program to collect C.F.C. appliances without releasing the C.F.C. into the atmosphere. Residents who wish to dispose of C.F.C. appliances must call 311 for an appointment date for C.F.C. removal. On that day, a specially trained and licensed Sanitation Worker evacuates the C.F.C. gas from the appliance and safely contains the gas. The evacuated appliance is then tagged with a special orange decal certifying the appliance is C.F.C. free. The regular metal recycling collection truck then collects the appliance on the scheduled recycling day (usually the next day). The Department is equipped with 46 vans and currently has 204 Sanitation Workers, 6 Supervisors and one Deputy Chief certified in C.F.C. evacuation. During FY 2006, Sanitation Workers processed 237,288 appliances." ("Recycling," in DSNY Annual Report 2006, ed., Turso, Vito A. Distributed by the City of New York in 2007, p. 14)
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