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Title: EPAS objectives and foundation practice self-efficacy: A replication
Authors: Holden, Gary
Anastas, Jeane
Meenaghan, Thomas
Keywords: self-efficacy
educational outcomes
outcome measures
Issue Date: 29-Oct-2007
Abstract: This replication study continued the examination of the psychometric properties of the Foundation Practice Self-Efficacy Scale (FPSE) with a sample of MSW students. As in the original study, evidence regarding the reliability, validity and sensitivity to change of this measure was found. First, internal reliability estimates for the FPSE all exceeded .95. Second, in terms of validity, the large positive correlation that had been predicted between the FPSE and the Social Work Empowerment scale was observed. Third, the amount of change in students’ FPSE total scale scores between pretest and posttest was found to be statistically significant. The final version of this manuscript for citation is: Holden, G., Anastas, J., & Meenaghan, T. (2005). EPAS objectives and foundation practice self-efficacy: A replication. Journal of Social Work Education, 41(3), 559-570.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2451/23801
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