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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2009Variable Rare Disasters: An Exactly Solved Framework for Ten Puzzles in Macro-FinanceGabaix, Xavier
30-Nov-2009The Efficient Markets Hypothesis: The Demise of the Demon of Chance?Brown, Stephen J,
25-Nov-2009Attention Allocation Over the Business CycleKacperczyk, Marcin; Van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn; Veldkamp, Laura
24-Nov-2009Dynamic Trading with Predictable Returns and Transaction CostsPedersen, Lasse Heje; Nicolae, Garleanu
24-Nov-2009When Everyone Runs for the ExitPedersen, Lasse Heje
24-Nov-2009Margin-Based Asset Pricing and Deviations from the Law of One PricePedersen, Lasse Heje; Nicolae, Garleanu
23-Nov-2009Testing Asymmetric-Information Asset Pricing ModelsLjungqvist, Alexander; Kelly, Bryan T.
16-Nov-2009A Reference Point Theory of Mergers and AcquisitionsWurgler, Jeffrey; Pan, Xin; Baker, Malcolm
16-Nov-2009How Much of the Diversification Discount Can be Explained by Poor Corporate Governance?Yermack, David; Hoechle, Daniel; Schmid, Markus; Walter, Ingo
16-Nov-2009Stockholder and Bondholder Reactions To Revelations of Large CEO Inside Debt Holdings: An Empirical AnalysisYermack, David; Chenyang, Wei
6-Oct-2009Energizing Bidder's Choice in Financial Assets Auctions - An Experimental InvestigationBrenner, Menachem; Galai, Dan; Sade, Orly
18-Sep-2009Efficient RecapitalizationPhilippon, Thomas; Schnabl, Philipp
3-Sep-2009Post-Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Performance: Avoiding Chapter 22Altman, Edward; Kant, Tushar; Rattanaruengyot, Thongchai
3-Sep-2009The re-emergence of distressed exchanges in corporate restructuringsAltman, Edward; Karlin, Brenda
3-Sep-2009Creditor rights and corporate risk-takingAcharya, Viral; Amihud, Yakov; Litov, Lubomir
3-Sep-2009Securitization and Real Investment in Incomplete MarketsSubrahmanyam, Marti; Gaur, Vishal; Seshadri, Sridhar
3-Sep-2009Illiquidity or Credit Deterioration: A Study of Liquidity in the US Corporate Bond Market during Financial CrisesSubrahmanyam, Marti; Friewald, Nils; Jankowitsch, Rainer
3-Sep-2009Background Risk and Trading in a Full-Information Rational Expectations EconomySubrahmanyam, Marti; Stapleton, Richard; Zeng, Qi
3-Sep-2009Crash Risk in Currency MarketsGabaix, Xavier; Farhi, Emmanuel; Fraiberger, Samuel; Ranciere, Romain; Verdelhan, Adrien
3-Sep-2009Do Hedge Funds Trade on Private Information? Evidence from Syndicated LendingSaunders, Anthony; Massoud, Nadia; Nandy, Debarshi; Song, Keke
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