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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Dec-2011Capital Market Integration and WagesHenry, Peter Blair; Chari, Anusha; Sasson, Diego
14-Dec-2011Syndication, Interconnectedness, and Systemic RiskSaunders, Anthony; Cai, Jian; Steffen, Sascha
14-Dec-2011Dividends as Reference Points: A Behavioral Signaling ModelWurgler, Jeffrey; Baker, Malcolm
13-Dec-2011Household Leverage and the RecessionPhilippon, Thomas; Midrigan, Virgiliu
13-Dec-2011Has the U.S. Finance Industry Become Less Efficient?Philippon, Thomas
13-Dec-2011Competing on SpeedPhilippon, Thomas; Pagnotta, Emiliano
13-Dec-2011Seeking Alpha: Excess Risk Taking and Competition for Managerial TalentAcharya, Viral V.; Pagano, Marco; Volpin, Paolo
13-Dec-2011A Theory of Income Smoothing when Insiders Know More than OutsidersAcharya, Viral V.; Lambrecht, Bart M.
13-Dec-2011Precautionary Hoarding of Liquidity and Inter-Bank Markets: Evidencefrom the Sub-prime CrisisAcharya, Viral V.; Merrouche, Ouarda
13-Dec-2011Sovereign debt, government myopia, and the financial sectorAcharya, Viral V.; Rajan, Raghuram G.
13-Dec-2011Are Banks Passive Liquidity Backstops?Acharya, Viral V.; Mora, Nada
13-Dec-2011CDS Credit-Event AuctionsSundaram, Rangarajan K.; Gupta, Sudip
13-Dec-2011The Equity Share in New Issues and Aggregate Stock ReturnsWurgler, Jeffrey; Baker, Malcolm
13-Dec-2011The Maturity of Debt Issues and Predictable Variation in Bond ReturnsWurgler, Jeffrey; Greenwood, Robin; Baker, Malcolm
13-Dec-2011Predictive regressions based on managerial decision variables: Is there a small-sample bias?Wurgler, Jeffrey; Baker, Malcolm; Taliaferro, Ryan
13-Dec-2011Investor sentiment in the stock marketWurgler, Jeffrey; Baker, Malcolm
13-Dec-2011Multinationals as arbitrageurs: The effect of valuations on foreign direct investmentWurgler, Jeffrey; Foley, C.Fritz; Baker, Malcolm
12-Dec-2011Market Timing and Capital StructureBaker, Malcolm; Wurgler, Jeffrey
12-Dec-2011Financial markets and the allocation of capitalWurgler, Jeffrey
12-Dec-2011Behavioral Corporate Finance: An Updated SurveyBaker, Malcolm; Wurgler, Jeffrey
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