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dc.contributor.authorPukthuanthong-Le, Kuntara-
dc.contributor.authorLevich, Richard M.-
dc.contributor.authorThomas III, Lee R.-
dc.description.abstractIs it possible to profitably trade trends in foreign currencies? We examine the major currency futures contracts which have been trading since the 1970s as well as more recent contracts on exotic currencies that have only begun to trade in the past few years. The main conclusion is that the era of easy profits from simple trend following strategies in major foreign currencies is over. The markets have adapted to the extent that profits from these simple trading strategies have vanished.Presumably, trending may be a feature confined to currencies in the early years of a floating rate regime. When we look at some newly trading currencies, we see more attractive profit opportunities. Newly trading currency futures prices, like their counterparts thirty years ago, appear susceptible to trend following trading strategies.en
dc.titleDo Foreign Exchange Markets Still Trend?en
dc.typeWorking Paperen
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