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Title: Global Patterns of Mergers and Acquisition Activity in the Financial Services Industry
Authors: Smith, Roy C.
Walter, Ingo
Issue Date: Jan-1998
Series/Report no.: FIN-98-060
Abstract: This paper analyzes empirical evidence regarding mergers and acquisitions in the global financial services industry. It examines the global deal-flow during the eleven-year period 1985-95 and generates a global typology of intra- and inter-sectoral M&A transactions among and between banks, insurance companies and securities firms. From these data it identifies financial services as one of the most active industries involved in the global M&A deal-flow. It also identifies the area of greatest M&A intensity within the world financial services industry. The paper then assesses the motivations for financial services M&A transactions in the context of changed regulatory and competitive factors and evolution in management objectives emphasizing the pursuit of greater operating efficiencies, enhanced economies of scale and scope and greater market power which executives and boards of directors believe has led (or will lead) to increased shareholder value and competitive performance.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2451/27032
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