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Chapter 4: Building Nurse and Midwifery Capacity in Malawi: A Partnership between the Government of Malawi and the PEPFAR/Nursing Education Partnership Initiative (NEPI)

Authors: Malata, Address
Bandazi, Sheila
Palen, John
von Zinkernagel, Deborah
Dohrn, Jennifer
Yu-Shears, Janette
Keywords: Nurse Education Partnership Initiative;midwives;maternal mortaility;infant mortailty;PEPFAR;Malawi healthcare reform;nursing education;healthcare workforce capacity
Issue Date: 14-Mar-2013
ISBN: 978-1-939029-08
Appears in Collections:TRANSFORMING THE GLOBAL HEALTH WORKFORCE, Marilyn A. DeLuca, PhD, RN and Agnes Soucat, MD, MPH, PhD, Editors

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