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Title: Prints for Pentecost. The Title Plates and Frontispieces to an Annual Sermon in Seicento Rome
Authors: Rice, Louise
Keywords: Roman Seminary, Seminario Romano, Pentecost, sermons, frontispieces, title plates, Domenichino, Antonio Pomarancio, Jacques Stella, Andrea Lilio, Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, Claude Mellan, Andrea Camassei, Gregorio de' Grassi, Cipriano Divini, Raffaele Vanni, Gianfrancesco Romanelli, Carlo Magnone, Johann Paul Schor, Giacinto Brandi, Lazzaro Baldi, Matthaeus Greuter, Johann Friedrich Greuter, Joseph Greuter, Camillo Cungi, Jérôme David, Christian Sas, Charles Audran, Michel Natalis, Sébastien Vouillemont, Cornelis Bloemaert, Guillaume Chasteau
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: L'estampe au Grand Siècle: études offertes à Maxime Préaud, eds. P. Fuhring et al., Paris, 2010, pp. 235-267
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