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Title: A unified account of distributivity, for-adverbials, and pseudopartitives
Authors: Champollion, Lucas
Issue Date: 14-Nov-2010
Citation: Champollion, Lucas (2009). A unified account of distributivity, for-adverbials, and pseudopartitives. Proceedings of the 14th Sinn und Bedeutung conference, pp. 84-100. Vienna, September 28-30, 2009.
Abstract: This paper presents a diagnostic for identifying distributive constructions and shows that it applies to pseudopartitives and for-adverbials. On this basis, a unified account is proposed for the parallels between the constructions involved. This account explains why for-adverbials reject telic predicates (*run to the store for five hours), why pseudopartitives reject count nouns (*five pounds of book), and why both reject certain measure functions like temperature and speed (*30 of water, *drive for 5 mph). These restrictions all follow from a general constraint on distributive constructions. Related concepts such as the D operator (Link, 1987), the subinterval property (Bennett and Partee, 1972), and divisive reference (Cheng, 1973) can be understood as formalizing special cases of this constraint.
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