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Digital Humanities Best Practices: Engaging a Collaborator

Authors: Buhe, Elizabeth
Keywords: digital humanities;art history;collaboration
Issue Date: 23-Jul-2015
Abstract: This Best Practices document responds to a perceived need for clear, actionable recommendations for humanities scholars beginning a collaborative digital project who want to know: “what questions should I ask if I am interested in starting a digital humanities project?” Because scholars are rarely trained in project management, it aims to provide a series of questions applicable to a wide range of projects; questions that are not written in prose, don’t require significant digging to find, aren’t tethered to a specific group’s experience, and aren’t behind a paywall. This document focuses specifically on the initial stages of a digital humanities project: engaging a collaborator and setting expectations.
Description: The “Engaging a Collaborator” best practices document is intended as a guideline for scholars in the humanities who seek to work with professionals in other fields in order to enhance their research with digital tools.
Rights: © Elizabeth Buhe, 2014
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