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dc.contributor.authorRussell, Beth-
dc.contributor.authorBerry, Ron-
dc.contributor.authorLewis, Brian-
dc.identifier.citationPun, Raymond, Scott Collard, and Justin Parrott. Bridging Worlds: Emerging Models and Practices of U.s. Academic Libraries Around the Globe. , 2016. Print.en
dc.description.abstractAs New York University (NYU) recently opened two new campuses in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and Shanghai, China, academic technology services at both locations were launched to support faculty and student curricular and research needs. Consciously situated within the univer- sity library, these teams are constantly evolving to support the needs of their start-up campuses. As part of the Global Network University, local requirements must be balanced with the needs of the larger organization. Regular communication with administrators, faculty, and students is essential in making sure adequate staffing and services are in place to pro- vide the academic technology support required of these two campuses. An entrepreneurial spirit and a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness are important traits for delivering effective technology services as well. In this piece, there are six questions posed for the academic technology teams in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai.en
dc.subjectglobal libraries, academic technologyen
dc.titleIntegrating Academic Technology Services into the Global Network University Libraryen
dc.typeBook chapteren
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