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dc.descriptionThis .las data file is one section of the 2007 Aerial Laser Scanning data of Dublin City. This Aerial laser scanning (ALS) data was collected over an area of around 1 square km in Dublin City, Ireland. A total of ~225 million points were acquired for a dense urban neighbourhood. The ALS was carried out by contractors using FLI-MAP 2 system. The system operated at a scan angle of 60 degrees, with an angular spacing of 60/1000 degrees between pulses. The FLI-MAP 2 system also provides spectral data in two different forms: (i) intensity and (ii) colour. An intensity value is provided for each point while colour information is provided by cameras acquiring images during the flyover and is transferred to scan points. The flying altitude varied between ~380-480m, with an average value of ~400m. Total 44 flight strips were acquired and 2823 flight path points were recorded, providing instantaneous aircraft position over time. This data was collected with funding from Science Foundation Ireland and the Environmental Protection Agency. For more information on this data layer, consult the documentation and the Source Dataset.en_US
dc.title2007 Aerial Laser Scanning (ALS) Data for Dublin City, Ireland: Section 8en_US
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