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Lessons learned: Five pieces of advice for newbie researchers

Authors: Andersen, Laura
Russell, Beth
Keywords: library science, research, ebooks
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: Association of College & Research Libraries
Citation: Andersen, Laura, & Beth Russell. "Lessons learned: Five pieces of advice for newbie researchers." College & Research Libraries News [Online], 73.6 (2012): 323-326
Abstract: Academic librarians often conduct original research to fulfill tenure track requirements or their own professional development needs. Unlike the majority of other terminal degree programs, research methodology is not a required course in all Library Science graduate programs, leaving some librarians at a disadvantage.1 After conducting our first research project as academic librarians, we realized we had taken some missteps and would have benefited from a primer that walked us through the basics. When administering our first survey, we discovered that an ample amount of forethought, planning, and investigation is essential. This article evaluates our first foray into research and provides accessible tips and guidelines for our colleagues.
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