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Antikythera Mechanism PTMs 58-63, small fragments 1-7, 31-36, 45-75

Authors: Antikythera Mechanism Research Project
Subject Keywords: Greek astronomy;Greek technology
Date of digital object: 30-May-2019
Date of object depicted: 200 - 50 BCE
Technical designation of object: Athens National Archaeological Museum X 15087
Language: grc
File format: Polynomial Texture Mapping (PTM)
Technical specifications: These PTMs were constructed from images of all known remaining surfaces of the Antikythera Mechanism fragments housed in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece. The PTMs were constructed from images taken under varying lighting directions by Tom Malzbender, Dan Gelb and members of the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project during the week of September 12, 2005. Each PTM has a resolution of 3008 x 2000 and is >50Mb in size.
Rights: These PTM files are made available under the Open Database License: Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License:
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Files in This Item:
File Description SizeFormat 
AK58A.ptmPTM Fragment 4A52.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK58B.ptmPTM Fragment 4B52.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK59A.ptmPTM Fragment 2A 6A 7A 5A 3A52.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK59B.ptmPTM Fragment 2B 6B 7B 5B 3B52.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK60A.ptmPTM Fragment 1A52.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK60B.ptmPTM Fragment 1B52.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK61A.ptmPTM Fragments 45-7552.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK61A_f.ptmPTM 61A reflected52.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK61A_u.ptmPTM 61A rotated52.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK61A_uf.ptmPTM 61A rotated and reflected52.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK61B.ptmPTM Fragments 45-7552.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK61B_f.ptmPTM 61B reflected52.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK61B_u.ptmPTM 61B rotated52.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK61B_uf.ptmPTM 61B rotated and reflected52.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK62A.ptmPTM Fragments 33-36 and 67A52.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK62B.ptmPTM Fragments 33-36 and 67B52.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK63A.ptmPTM Fragments 31A 32A52.88 MBPTMView/Open
AK63B.ptmPTM Fragments 31B 32B52.88 MBPTMView/Open

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