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Creating article-level discovery of print-only foreign language journals: a case study of SALToC's distributed approach

Authors: Magier, Aruna P.
Keywords: serials; access; article-level discovery; foreign-language journals; cooperative collection development; South Asian Studies librarianship
Issue Date: Apr-2019
Publisher: ALA Resources and Technical Services Division
Citation: Magier, Aruna P. (2019). Creating Article-Level Discovery of Print-Only Foreign Language Journals: A Case Study of SALToC’s Distributed Approach. Library Resources & Technical Services, 63(2), 104–118
Abstract: "Foreign language journals are important components of interdisciplinary area studies collections at research libraries. In the US, although these are low-use materials almost by definition, they are indispensable for many types of research. Coordinated collection development among key libraries with shared interests in these materials is often the best way of broadening the collective collection, strategically reducing duplication to free up resources for broader acquisitions while relying on collection sharing infrastructures to implement shared access to the journals."
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